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Dear Albright Reporter,

I graduated from Albright College in 1973 as part of the final group of nurses in the five-year cooperative program between Albright College and The Reading Hospital School of Nursing. This was the year before Albright opened its short-lived School of Nursing.

Starting as a freshman in 1968, when we still wore dinks, I had the pleasure of working in the Dining Hall for Leonard Van Driel, serving on the cafeteria line during the week and as a waiter on Sundays.

Bob Emerick worked for removal of the dress code for some time. One Sunday, a group of us arrived for the more formal Sunday dinner in blue jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers — but wearing ties and jackets as per the dress code. Mr. Van Driel was NOT happy, in part because he saw the dress code as a social necessity. He was not prepared for the radical ’60s, Albright style! But the food from his kitchen was quite good. It was prepared like a huge family meal, not like an institutional kitchen. Dining there was a positive experience at the end of the 1960s.

His family should be proud of their contribution to Albright College and its students.

Philip A. Greiner, DNSc, RN
Class of 1973

Dear Albright Reporter,

I really enjoyed the last issue. The cover shot was taken when I worked as a waiter for Len Van Driel.

What a picture of our wrestling squad! I am the guy in the front row right – I’m sure I never remember winning a match.
Thanks for keeping up with us. Looking up everyone in the cover picture was fun. Whatever happened to the civility of dining at Albright?

The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Hole
Class of 1958

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reporter contents :: albright college