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The Albright Reporter is published by the College Relations Office.

Albright College
13th and Bern Streets
Reading, PA 19612-5234

Albright Reporter - Features
Through the Fire Through the Fire
Could a bed of hot coals help you to better manage your emotions? See how Albrightians are learning to take the fiery challenge
Albright and World War II
From students and faculty who fought and died for their country to military forces being trained right on campus, World War II had a profound effect on Albright. Take a trip back and reminisce with “The Greatest Generation.”
:: Special Events for a Generation Defined by WWII ::
Leslie Knox '38 Leslie Knox ’38: Australian Pilot at Coral Sea
Far from home, Leslie Knox ’38 helped defend the land of his birth.
Discovering America at Albright
For Ehrhardt Lang '57, coming to Albright as a freshman meant more than just being away from Mom and Dad and learning to live on his own. It meant coming to a new country and learning a whole new culture.
E.Q. graphic E.Q. - The Other Intelligence
Have we placed too much emphasis on intellectual development to the neglect of emotional development?