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Move Over P. Diddy; Andre Forbes-Ezeugwu '10


Landing a job right after college is what most college graduates aspire to. Landing the perfect job is what Andre Forbes-Ezeugwu '10 did. Forbes-Ezeugwu is the founder, president and CEO of Ifodige, an entertainment production company he started when he was a music business and theatre major at Albright. He's also an account executive for Beasley Broadcast Group, the parent company of Wired 96.5
and 92.5 XTU radio in Philadelphia.

Forbes-Ezeugwu proved early in his career that he was made for the entertainment industry. In summer 2009 he applied for an internship with Win Win Global, a Los Angeles-based company that has worked with musicians such as Paula Abdul, Flavor Flav and Lionel Richie. He landed the internship and went on to pursue his dream of working with musicians.

Forbes-Ezeugwu's hard work and dedication caught the eye of David Cochrane, president of Win Win Global and co-owner of KD Cosmic. With Cochrane's guidance, Forbes-Ezeugwu launched Ifodige as he headed into his senior year at Albright.

As president of the company, he searches for new artists who are coachable, willing to grow in the industry, and considered "Top 40." Artists such as D'Ray Sonshine of Philadelphia, Ifodige's premier artist in the rhythm and blues, hip hop genre. Forbes-Ezeugwu also meets with potential investors who want to grow and develop new, local talent. His favorite part of the job is creating new music, and he's involved in every aspect of the creative process, from writing lyrics to creating beats.

While he was building Ifodige as an Albright student, Forbes-Ezeugwu also worked closely with Wired 96.5 on events such as Albright's Haiti Relief Night, a fundraiser at Club 1402 in Reading, Pa. It was a partnership that proved successful not just for Albright, but for Forbes-Ezeugwu as well.

Since he graduated, Forbes-Ezeugwu has been working for Wired 96.5 and 92.5 XTU radio as an account executive. A big part of the job involves selling ads and managing artists' accounts. Working with companies such as Verizon Wireless to give away tickets for a backstage experience with singer Rihanna is all in a day's work. But for Forbes-Ezeugwu, there is no typical nine-to-five day. He spends late nights and early mornings at the studio, and he regularly drives up and down the East Coast for meetings with new artists.

To make it in the music industry you have to stand out, Forbes-Ezeugwu says."If you're different and people like you, then you're golden in the music industry. If you're the same, you might get hired, but you won't be in the industry long."

He plans to always stand out and has high aspirations. He's going to "overtake the (entertainment) industry," he says, hoping to follow in the footsteps of such icons as P. Diddy, Russell Simmons and Will Smith.

"It's about having a piece of everything in entertainment... music, movies, television, sports, fashion, fragrances," he says. The trick is "tackling them one at a time."

– Calla Zawoysky '12

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