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Sweet Smell of Success; Brendon Minnich '10


Before he even graduated, Brendon Minnich '10 had completed a commercial for MMAXOUT Strength and Conditioning, a physical fitness program designed for adults. He did a spot for Diet Coke® which featured a hallucinating lifeguard, and a spot for Axe Body Spray® which answered the age-old question, why did the chicken cross the road. He also completed a commercial for Crystal Lite® featuring a kiwi and a strawberry flirting with each other.

But it was soon after graduation when he got his big break - Minnich won an international contest for Speed Stick® deodorant.

When Minnich, a digital media and art major, was in high school he never settled for the traditional book report. "I've always been a visual person so my friends and I would create movies that spoofed the books. The teachers loved them."

It's not a surprise that when the Shirk Scholar graduated from Albright in 2010 it didn't take long for him to find success in the real world.

It was the Crystal Light® spot that got Minnich an invitation to participate in an international contest to create a commercial for Speed Stick®. The objective was to create a 30-60 second video that appealed to a younger audience, ages 21-29. Twenty-seven designers from around the world were asked to submit entries by the end of December 2010.

Minnich's spot, "The End is the Beginning," features several Albright students preparing for sporting events in some familiar campus spaces, including Shirk Stadium, the Scholl LifeSports Center and the Albright tennis courts. Albright appears subtly throughout the piece with a lion on a helmet and the Albright logo on a golf bag.

The piece was selected to be one of eight finalists and eventually won the grand prize – it was purchased by Speed Stick® to be used in a variety of places including the internet and social media sites.

Despite his success Minnich is still experiencing the typical growing pains most graduates feel. He is an assistant scoutmaster with the Boy Scout Troop in his hometown of Knauers, Pa., and he comes back to campus often to see his brothers in Pi Kappa Phi. "I'm in that awkward transition phase where I'm trying to live at home and be on my own at the same time."

His schedule is getting increasingly hectic as he has been doing a variety of freelance work including editing some pieces for Immaculata University and filming a behind-the-scenes video of the making of a hip hop music video."I'm getting quite a bit of work these days. It's nice because I can make my own schedule and I'm not tied to a desk."

Minnich is the son of two Albright alumni, Timothy Minnich '85 and Cynthia Minnich, RN, '85. Younger brother Josh has recently been accepted as a science major and Shirk Scholar in the Class of 2015.

View Minnich's Speed Stick® commercial here.

–David S. Johnson

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