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The Albright Reporter encourages letters to the editor related to issues discussed in the magazine, issues that relate to college news or policies, or that are of interest to a segment of our readership. Letters can be mailed, faxed or sent via e-mail.

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Dear Albright Reporter:

I’m writing in response to the story in the winter 2009 issue, “Cold Case: Solved.”

I’m related to the second victim, Denise, the one whose murder appeared to be the same as the victim in the closed case. My mother was very close to Denise. Your story on the murder was a great gift to our family. My mom showed it to Denise’s mom and she was so relieved. She felt that it was important for the rest of the family to know about it.

Denise’s death was very hard on many of my family members, but they feel a sense of closure knowing that something positive came out of her death and that it gave closure to another family. Thank you so much.


Dear Albright Reporter:

I read with interest the article on Professor David Voigt in the winter Reporter. I knew Professor Voigt from 1962 to 1965 when he was an energetic faculty member, first at Millersville and then at Albright. I represented a publishing house, Prentice-Hall of Englewood Cliffs, N.J., and on several occasions met with Professor Voigt when I made my rounds. Incidentally, I remember Albright College as one of the very congenial colleges where I came to know many faculty members.

After leaving Prentice-Hall in 1965, I became a college teacher myself, inspired to do so by a number of high-caliber academicians, including Professor Voigt.

While I did not attend Albright myself, I remember quite a bit about it in those mid-century days, as my hometown was Wyomissing. As a boy growing up, I attended Albright football and basketball games, and a lot of track and field.

Your magazine is one I always read with interest. Keep up the good work.

Martin Sutton
Department Chair, Emeritus, Social & Behavioral Science
Bucks County Community College

Dear Albright Reporter:

I appreciated reading the article about Albright’s 100 years of basketball in the winter 2009 Reporter. However, I was disappointed that you were either unaware of, or felt it unworthy of mention about Albright’s basketball team of 1944-1945, which I am sure is known as “Albright’s Best Basketball Team.”

That team, on which I am proud to say I was a member, enjoyed a record of 19 wins, and one loss—as far as I know a record that has never been equaled or surpassed. It was coached by Neal O. Harris, who was described by Chet Hagan, sportswriter of The Reading Eagle, as “ of the best coaches to walk onto a basketball court.”

While I did not play in every game, I did play that entire season, and I remember my fellow teammates fondly.

Thanks for your contributions to alumni who want to be kept abreast of Albright sports.

Robert I. (Bob) Buxton ’47

Editor’s Note: Albright is proud of its winning 1944-1945 basketball team, as well as the many other stellar teams that have made their way into the Albright record books. Unfortunately, it was not possible to recognize all of the teams who have made significant contributions to Albright basketball in the article. The 1944-1945 team was recognized during a ceremony at the College in January where members of the All-Century Basketball Team were honored.


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