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Dear Albright Reporter,

Thank you for your important article about alcohol on the college campus. For me the most "sobering truth" in the article was that colleges are now more and more "inheriting a substantial number of drinking problems that began in adolescence," even at age 13. Undoubtedly, this means that some students are arriving on campus as already alcohol-dependent, while others are arriving as alcohol abuse victims.

I am glad that Albright is innovatively addressing the college drinking issue, which is a nationwide problem. I hope the college can become known as a leader in providing an alternative cultural environment. There will always be students who, bamboozled by the alcohol marketing industry, will promote the idea that it is "smart" to drink. The college can counter this by presenting opportunities for others and special programs to demonstrate that it may be "smarter" not to drink. The statistics you cited are ample evidence.

Much more information is available. An excellent new book is Alcohol, Cradle to Grave by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Eric Newhouse. If there are Albright students looking for a term paper topic, the subject of alcohol’s devastating effect on society would be a good one. They are welcome to contact me for additional information.

I think Dr. Michelle Daniels (dean of students) has the right focus. The ultimate goal should be "to get students to understand that it is okay not to use alcohol." No student should feel embarrassed or consider it sanctimonious to say, "No, thank you. I prefer no alcohol." In contrast to the tragic alcohol education some students may have received at the adolescent age of 13, their college experience can then prove to be a "higher education."

Rev. Ehrhardt I. Lang ’57
President, California Council on Alcohol Problems

Dear Albright Reporter,

In your recent magazine there were a couple of items that held great concern to me.

First of all, you listed an alumna as having attained her Church Pastorate as Female Clergy. The Holy Bible has much to say about this, especially:

"A woman should learn in silence, completely submitting herself. I don't allow a woman to teach nor to have authority over a man; she should keep silent. The reason is that Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam wasn't deceived; the woman was deceived and so fell into sin. But women, through the birth of the Child, will be saved if they live in faith, love, and holiness, and use good judgement." 1 Timothy 2:11-15, An American Translation of the Holy Scriptures by Dr. William F. Beck.

Second, I saw a note that a 1988 alumna had recently married another woman. This note shocked and saddened me, even in light of the fact that I co-founded a pro-gay organization at Albright, called "Alternative Youth," some 18 years ago.

Fortunately, that organization failed. The Holy Bible has a lot to say about homosexual marriages, to wit:

"That (idolatry) is why God gave them up to shameful lusts. Women have changed their natural way to an unnatural one. And men likewise have give up the natural relation with a woman and burned with lust for one another, men doing shameful acts with men and for their error getting punished in themselves as they must. As they refused to know God any longer, God gave them up so that their minds were degraded and they lived immorally." Romans 1:26-28, AAT.

I am shocked to find how low Albright College has stooped into liberalism, but is that really a surprise considering professors in the Religion Department taught Redactive Criticism of the Sacred Scriptures, and NOT that the Bible is the Holy, Inerrant Word of God?

I once was a supporter of homosexual wrongs (not rights) at Albright. Yet because several committed Christians prayed for me to have God change my ways, God called me to remember my infant Baptism and my Washing of Regeneration to cleanse me from sin. I now profess Jesus Christ as God, Lord, Redeemer, and Saviour, and will argue even more vehemently for Him as I railed against Him in 1985.

I now pray that Albright College would return to being a Christian college affiliated with the United Methodist Church, if there still are committed Christians within that body. I pray that Albright's magazine would no longer report on the gay marriages of its alumni, and would not report on female clergy.

Realizing that the college must responsibly report on its alumni, if The Albright Reporter cannot stop supporting female clergy AND homosexuality by stopping any reportage on those alumni who practice these condemned, despicable sins, then I ask that my name be removed from your alumni database. As a committed, Confessional Lutheran Bible-Believing Christian, I can no longer stomach rampant sin.

Thank you, and may God call Albright back to being Christian in the Methodist tradition.

Richard C. August ’87

Editor’s Note: The Albright Reporter's class notes section publishes news and accomplishments of Albright's 15,000 alumni. While affiliated with the United Methodist Church, Albright today is a diverse, multi-faith community. The magazine respects the rights of all Albrightians to communicate important events in their lives, and therefore does not judge the appropriateness of news based on an individual's religion, gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

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