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From Disney to Deals: Patrick Albus, MBA '92

Albus photo
Photo courtesy of Patrick Albus, MBA '92

It was midnight. Patrick Albus '92 was wearing a hair net and sitting in a factory placing multi-colored sprinkles on cookies as they traveled down a conveyor belt. He had just graduated from Albright with a bachelor's degree in international business. "My friends were all bragging about their great jobs," Albus says. "I'm sure most of them were making copies and getting coffee, but they were in a professional atmosphere."

Tired of making cookies, Albus hit the ground running. He visited at least a dozen head hunters, landed his first professional job and quickly shot up the corporate ladder.

Today, he is chief executive officer of business solutions for kgb, the world's largest provider of directory assistance and information services. The privately held company provides resources for phone companies and other businesses throughout the United States and Europe.

But it was with the Disney Corporation that he first showed executives what he could do. After earning a master's degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina, Albus was recruited by the Mouse and assigned to a team charged with creating the company's first Internet strategy. In just five years, he went from strategic manager to senior finance manager creating top-level technology and finance strategies for the entertainment giant.

"I made a name for myself by solving problems," he says. "Executives knew that I could make things work better, and I quickly found myself gaining more and more responsibility."

In 2002 Albus headed to New York to become finance director for a struggling Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), the world's leading resource on business information used in commercial credit decisions.

Albus became vice president of global financial planning and analysis and led D&B to streamline its operations and regain its focus. The company's stock went from $18 a share when he arrived to $100 a share in 2007. That same year he decided it was time to move on. Albus began his career with kgb as chief financial officer of global wholesale and digital media for kgbdeals USA, a leader in the up-and-coming daily deal industry.

In fact, using all of the information retained by kgb through its directory assistance business, it was Albus who actually launched the subsidiary kgbdeals. The company currently offers deals in more than 100 cities globally.

Traveling around the world hasn't stopped Albus from being a dedicated husband and father. "I try to coach both of my sons' sports teams," he says. "I don't live to work, I work to live. My family is my priority."

On a recent visit to the Albright campus, Albus offered students advice that he believes helped him achieve success. "Build a brand for yourself and pick positions that make you more marketable," he says. "You need to work hard, provide leadership and drive for results. That is what will make you a successful person."

–David Johnson

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