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The Albright Reporter encourages letters to the editor related to issues discussed in the magazine, issues that relate to college news or policies, or that are of interest to a segment of our readership. Letters can be mailed, faxed or sent via e-mail.

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Dear Albright Reporter,

An excellent job of producing the Reporter! The years of accomplishments and the changes are amazing for the college and the students.

After reading "The Faces Behind the Names, part two," I was reminded of the "historic" time when, I think it was the spring of 1946, Gene Shirk was organizing a track team for the first time after World War II.

Gene recruited about six or seven fellows interested in track and started practicing with them. Then he encouraged them to recruit more fellows to round out a larger group for events in track. He scheduled a meet with Lafayette College. I was one of the reluctant responders and told to report at the track in the afternoon. Upon receiving track shoes and "uniforms," we practiced running. The next afternoon was our last practice before the meet.

On the bus, Coach Gene Shirk started down the aisle asking each one what they would like to do in the track meet. Our makeshift team lost to Lafayette something like 64 to 21. I finished third in the 100 yard for one team point and took first in the 220 for five team points. Another team mate did the same in his efforts. The two of us totaled 12 points and the rest completed the remaining nine points. Thus track was initiated for the "modern" era.

At a later meet, Dean George Walton told me after a 220 race that he bet I would win, but because I came in second by a fraction of an inch he lost a dime.

About the only news of the Class of 1947 seems to be in the death column these days, it may be of some interest that having retired from full-time ministry in the United Methodist Church in 1992, I have served several interim pastorates, most recently "retiring" for the 10th time in June of 2010.

John R. Shafer '47

Dear Albright Reporter,

I was wondering if you would consider offering a program for home-schooled children or kids that participate in cyber school like the "A Wellness Adventure" program featured in the summer 2010 issue.

I home school my daughter and this sounds like a great opportunity for her to get some exercise (required as physical ed.), learn about nutrition (required for health), and maintain social interaction with others (required by mom).

I noticed that you were offering an explanation of the program to superintendents of local schools. Although the state of Pennsylvania allows home-school children to participate in extracurricular activities at their local school district, I am
curious if schools will offer this as an extra activity or part of the curriculum.

I have statistics that can show the number of children not in a traditional brick and mortar classroom and who could use a program such as this.

Angela Hensley '09

Dear Albright Reporter,

I always enjoy reading The Albright Reporter, and yes, I too go first to the Class Notes. I especially enjoyed reading "The Faces Behind the Names, part two." I immediately looked at the picture for Smith Hall and said "That's Dr. Masters."

When I went online I was glad to see the correct picture for "Looie" Smith, who did indeed have a thick Pennsylvania Dutch accent. Dean Walton retired as dean in 1959, but continued to teach some courses after that. I don't know what year he retired from teaching, but he was still teaching in 1963. The picture of him is a much younger Dean Walton than I remembered and it looks like the side of Dr. Kistler's face to the left. It's all very interesting remembering some of these people and the roles they had in shaping Albright College to where it is today.

Mary Ann Ritchie '62

Dear Albright Reporter,

I knew Dr. Masters and Prof. Louis Smith well. I am sure that picture on page 15 purported to be Louis Smith is actually that of Dr. Harry Masters unless my eyesight is really bad in my old age.

Thomas F. Green '53

Lewis SmithEditor's Note: Thank you to Mary Ann Ritchie, Thomas Green and the many others who pointed out that the photo accompanying the bit about Louis Smith in the "Faces Behind the Names, part two" article in the summer 2010 issue was not actually Louis Smith. It was a photo of President Harry V. Masters. The correct photo, displayed here, was immediately posted to the online version of The Albright Reporter. We apologize for the error.

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