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The Albright Reporter encourages letters to the editor related to issues discussed in the magazine, issues that relate to college news or policies, or that are of interest to a segment of our readership. Letters can be mailed, faxed or sent via e-mail.

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Dear Albright Reporter,

I received my copy of the Reporter yesterday and was truly gladdened to see featured on the back cover the “We Can Be Who We Want to Be” article. I personally wanted to say thank you to Louis, Kasual and their teams for organizing such obviously powerful events.

As a gay man working with a GSA in the school district in which I teach, the goals are the same: courage, love, respect, dignity, honesty and acceptance. These are things I strive to instill in the students I teach and advise.

Although it is easier today than when I was on campus in the late ‘70s early‘80s, it is still not easy. People can be cruel and closed-minded. As a proud alumnus of Albright, I am encouraged to see people like Louis and Kasual and all the others at Albright who are willing to stand up for what is right, increasing people’s awareness of hate crimes and working so diligently
to make life better on the campus and in the world.

Lynn Wentzel ’81

Dear Albright Reporter,

In the fall 2007 issue of the Reporter, the team picture you have shown is not the team that broke the Juniata winning streak. (In the article, “100 Seasons of Albright Football.”)

I played right tackle in that game and will never forget the excitement of that day. That game represents to me what winning a Superbowl must feel like.

Here (below) is a picture of the 1959 team that broke the Juniata winning streak.

Larry Woods ’62

1959 Lions


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