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Dear Albright Reporter:

The cover of the summer 2008 issue shows Dr. Green with three students.
Do you happen to know the names of the three students? What year was the photo taken?

Harold W. Lueders, M.D. ’45

Editor’s Note: See related story here

Dear Albright Reporter:

I got a big kick out of dad’s picture on the cover. I proceeded to scan it and e-mail it to family and friends all over, including to a local surgeon who I know well. My brother says many have requested copies of the magazine because of the cover.

I would say there was one disappointment, that there was no follow-up story in the magazine. You would think that a cover would have some sort of story behind the picture on the cover. Of course, I am aware that you are subject to the usual limitations of space and time.

But I would bet that many went looking for the story. It’s like,“where’s the beef.”

Thomas F. Green ’53

Editor’s Note: We apologize to Mr. Green and anyone else who felt like the beef was missing.

The cover story of the summer issue was about professors then and now. It featured a study by Tom Meyers, Ph.D., professor of sociology, and included submissions from alumni about their favorite professors.

We felt that a photo of one of Albright’s most beloved professors was appropriate to illustrate Meyers’ story about student perceptions of professors. While we did identify Marcus Green, D.Sc., in a caption on the inside front cover, unfortunately
we did not know the names of the three students in the photo.


reporter contentsalbright college