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Changing Pictures

Lisa Mixon '01Interviews. Job searches. Resumes. Suits. Bills. The real world…

It’s that scary place that every graduate who has turned his tassel and received his diploma goes to after they leave the Albright community.

Dorms. Books. Tests. Loud Parties. Classes…

Combine the above with these and you get one thing: The Albright "Super Senior."

I still have to laugh at the few people who see me on academic walk, look at me in shock and say, "Didn’t you graduate last year"? It’s especially funny because I did. For several reasons, I was unable to fulfill the last two requirements for my dual degree in marketing and communications, but I walked with the Class of 2002 in Commencement exercises last May.

Lisa Mixon '02That day held much confusion for me on many levels. It was hard to say goodbye to the classmates I spent four years of my life with who were moving on, while I knew I was staying behind. It felt like an ending to me. I knew after that day we would never all walk those same pathways again, and it would never be the same for me here without them. Receiving an empty folder while others contained degrees was a reminder that while some were done with their academic quest, mine was still unfinished.

At first, I was frustrated to have to return to Albright. I felt that I was ready to move on to the real world. Re-entering college life seemed trivial to me, especially for only two classes. Having to pack up everything one last time was a large nuisance. But I kept telling myself that it was only for a couple months and that I would get through it. Coming back to campus, however, changed my perspective immensely. As much as I was dreading my return, once I moved back into my apartment, and saw my friends and sorority sisters, I experienced that unique sense of home that I always felt coming back each August as an underclassman.

Lisa Mixon '02I feel like I now have a unique perspective on college life and beyond. Although I may have a lighter course load than other students, my responsibilities are much heavier. Preparing my resume for my internship at the Reading Royals, prospective jobs, and getting ready to embark on a future career has been challenging.

Utilizing the Career Development Center has been extremely helpful. Unfortunately, this resource went unnoticed last semester when I could have used it most. I have found that returning to Albright has been a very rewarding experience, and help from my professors and friends will assist me in my job pursuits. Although I felt ready to enter the real world before, this last college experience will enable me to do the last bit of growing I need to do before I can go and set the real world on fire.

Every year at Albright, I’ve had a tradition of making a collage of photos to set on my desk. I usually add or subtract pictures during the year, making it a collage of my time and experiences. Most of the photos were from activities and with friends from Albright. I always found it interesting how the pictures changed from year to year and how it showed the different things and people who were most important to me.

"I have found that returning to Albright has been a very rewarding experience, and help from my professors and friends will assist me in my job pursuits."

– Lisa Mixon ’02

Lisa Mixon '02This year as I put the collage of pictures on my desk, I started to notice some changes. I had some photos from college: my time as a cheerleader, junior year in my dorm, and a formal from my senior year. But somehow this year the majority of my pictures were from outside Albright: my best friend from home, my birthday down in Atlantic City, and my sister’s wedding in St. Thomas, V.I. There are also several pictures of my graduation last May, a reminder that my time here is almost drawing to a close.

I think the change in my collage mirrors what is happening in my life. Although my time in college is soon done and I will be moving on, my memories of Albright will still be the best memories of my life. No matter how much my pictures may change in the future, Albright will remain a very special part of my life.

– Lisa Mixon ’02

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