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Dear Albright Reporter,

“From the twist to the electric slide, 60 Albright students danced the afternoon away on March 31 throughout the College’s first dance marathon.”

Excuse me, but I seem to have many fond memories of the annual Muscular Dystrophy Association dance marathon held during my years at Albright College (1982-1986).

That marathon lasted an entire weekend and was one of the highlights of campus activity during the year. One end of the Campus Center smelled like Ben-Gay while the other end smelled like President Ruffer’s turkey noodle soup.

I’m glad to see the dance marathon tradition is continuing, but the event held in March was certainly not the College’s first.

Steven Gitler, D.O.
Class of 1986

Dear Albright Reporter,

Hi! I did a double-take when I opened the latest Albright Reporter to page 11 (summer 2001 issue; Albright & World War II)…went to my old Albright scrapbook and there it was…the same photo. Yellowed with age…it was taken in June 1941 and published in the Reading paper. There is also another, taken in February 1941, in the hangar at the Municipal Airport. That photo included Jay Williams, Arthur Faust, Marshall Popelka and Mervin Runner with their instructor Prof. Oliver George. I had those clippings because Jay Williams was my “beau” at one time.

We knew so many of the people you wrote about because we lived through part of the war years at Albright. Some of our lives were changed forever when those years came to the campus…and after…so many memories…and then some very sad.

The horrible tragedy at the World Trade Center also brought back memories of the sad years from 1941 on. Having worked in that area for a long time, I cannot imagine the horror those people faced, or the sorrows left to bear. I have been widowed twice…I know how it is to suddenly find yourself alone…but for those young children to raise without their fathers or mothers, is a dreadful future to face.

There are still a few of my classmates (some are gone) who have remained close friends and we keep in touch. We are hoping to return to campus, if we are well enough, for the World War II Events at the Albright Reunion Day 2002. It will be our 60th class reunion.

I am so sad for those young people who must endure perhaps years of war and heartaches ahead. God Bless them all…and God Bless America!

Betty V. (Siegel) Milliken
Class of 1942

Dear Albright Reporter,

I want to sincerely thank you for publishing my article and sending me extra copies. I have shared them with members of my family.
Interestingly, the issue also included pictures of my sister Dorothea Lang on pages 19 and 21, as well as an article by a friend and fellow
student, George Updegrove. A happy coincidence!

Through all of this Albright has become closer to me again after these many years and in far away California. Thank you for the part you

Ehrhardt Lang
Class of 1957

Dear Albright Reporter,

That was a very interesting article on the fire test in the summer 2001 (vol. 21, #3) edition. Unfortunately, it did not resolve the question that usually bothers. What was the condition of their feet? Blisters? And there were no pictures to prove.

Sincerely Yours,
Albert L. Mallett
Class of 1931

Editors Note: According to Chaplain Kelsey everyone has come through the fire walk just fine. About one hundred people have participated with no injuries.

reporter contents :: albright college