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Albright Responds to the Attack on America
Memorial Fund Honors Professor Philip A. Eyrich '58
Two New Majors Offered
Seventeen New Faculty Join Albright
Advancement Office Appoints Two Associate Vice Presidents
A New Look for the Albright Website
Faculty and Students...Partners in Research
Albright Trustee Receives Prestigious National Award
In Memoriam: Albright Professor Emerita of French Dr. Edith Morrow Brown Douds
Albright Honors President’s Council Members
Two Students Honored for Heroism
A New Look for the Albright Website
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Shannon Kline ’03 and Angela Tatum ’03 partner with Dr. Frieda Texter ’72 on their summer research projects.
Faculty and Students...
Partners in Research

Ten faculty/student teams were awarded Albright’s Council on Undergraduate Research grants to support collaborative research projects during the summer. Representative of the diverse disciplines offered at Albright, projects ranged from biology and psychology to history and sociology.

Bridget Cambria ’02, a political science/sociology major, worked with Dr. Anthony Hoskin of the Sociology Department in a project entitled “Firearm Availability and Violence: A County Level Analysis.” Their study examines more than 3,000 U.S counties over the years 1989-98 in order to estimate the impact of general firearm availability on six types of violence: homicide, suicide, fatal gun accidents, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

William Davis ’03, a psychology major, worked with Dr. Brenda Ingram-Wallace of the Psychology Department on a project entitled “The Effects of Adolescent Perceptions of Parental Religious Orientation on Adolescent Religiosity.” Using a structured interviewing technique, Davis interviewed adolescents to explore their personal experiences and their religious practices to how the parental level of religiosity affects adolescent behaviors.

Shannon Kline ’03, a biochemistry major, worked with Dr. Frieda Texter of the Chemistry Department, on a project entitled “Studies of Guanidine Hydrochloride Induced Unfolding of Arylamine N-Acetyltransferase.” Angela Tatum ’03, biochemistry, also worked with Dr. Texter on a related project entitled “Examination of the Effects of Urea on the Conformational Stability of Recombinent Arylamine N-Acetyltransferase.” Collaborating with a research team at the University of Minnesota, Kline, Tatum and Dr. Texter worked on a mammalian enzyme that has been linked to bladder, colon and breast cancer. A better understanding of this isozyme may ultimately lead to advances in cancer research and anti-cancer treatments.

Katherine Lupo ’03 and Ryan Stagg ’04, biochemistry/pre-med majors, worked with Dr. Karen Campbell of the Biology Department and Dr. Devon Mason of the Physics Department in a project entitled, “Albright Explorers: Science Outreach in the Community.” Lupo and Stagg were responsible for designing and implementing a science outreach program to more than 250 children of the City of Reading. Participating in the program was the Olivet Boys and Girls Club, the City of Reading’s playground program and Camp Bynden Wood.

William E. Smith ’02, a history major, worked with Dr. Barbara Fahy of the History Department in a project entitled “A Study of the Molly Maguire Trial Transcripts and Stereotypic Images of the Irish.” Smith examined the entire trial transcripts, the first research to do so, and local newspaper accounts to examine the prejudice against the Irish-Catholics during the mass hysteria in the late 19th century Pennsylvania coal regions north of Reading.

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