Effective November 2018 – January 2021 – Albright College

Effective November 2018 – January 2021

Withdrawal from Courses

NOTE: This policy was in effect from November 2018 to January 2021 and should be used for historical purposes only. Please review the current policy online.

With the adviser’s approval, a student may withdraw from one course at any time throughout the semester after the drop period. Withdrawal without penalty is allowed up to one week after mid-term grades are issued. The designation in this case is W (Withdrawn) and is so noted on the student’s record. Withdrawal from a course in the period after the above date and three weeks prior to the beginning of final examinations will result in the student’s receiving a W or a WF (Withdrawn Failing) at the discretion of the instructor.

Any student withdrawing from a course in the last three weeks of a semester automatically receives a WF, except for reasons of illness or other dire circumstances as determined by the provost. The grade of WF is counted as an F in computing the student’s cumulative average. Grades of F are recorded for courses from which there has been no official withdrawal. Official withdrawal requires that a withdrawal form be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Financial aid recipients should consult with the Financial Aid Office when considering course withdrawal.