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Test New Policy

Policy Name:             TEST NEW POLICY                                        Effective Date:                                                                       Revised Date:   TEST April 2009

Recommended by:                                                                Approved by:  TEST William W. Wood


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  1. Obtain a Request for an Issuance of a Corporate Credit Card form from the website.
  2. Submit the completed request to your supervisor on up through your Divisional Vice President.
  3. Upon approval, send the completed form to the Administrative and Financial Services Department to make the request to the credit card company for an individual credit card.
  4. Upon receipt of the credit card, it will be forwarded to the requester.
  5. Cardholder must call the 800 number on the card to activate the card.
  6. After the card is activated, it may be used right away.
  7. There is no limit on the card.



  1. American Express does not issue paper statements. Cardholders must enroll in their Manage your Card Account to turn on E-Statements.
  2. Go to com/checkyourbill and follow the simple enrollment instructions. Once the cardholder is enrolled in Manage Your Card Account, follow these simple instructions to turn on E-Statements:
  • Log-in to Manage Your Card Account.
  • On the Account Summary page, under “Account Services” click on “Switch to paperless statements.”
  • Select the desired statement delivery option from the list of options.
  • Provide a valid email address for your Statement Ready Notification.
  • Complete all prompts until you get to the confirming page.
  • You will be able to view and print up to six months of past statements and current charges.
  • If you have questions regarding signup, call 1 800 297 1234.



  1. Cardholders are personally accountable for the proper use of the card and must account for the expenses in accord with applicable procedures.
  • American Express will notify the cardholder when the E-Statement for the month is available online. Cardholder must print the statement.
  • There is only a short amount of time to complete a step-by-step process from receipt of statement to payment.
  • Review the statement promptly and forward it to accounts payable for processing to avoid late fees.
  • It is the cardholder’s responsibility to contact the credit card company at the customer service number 1 800 528 2122 regarding any discrepancies on the account.


  1. Within five days of receipt of the statement, the following steps should be taken to complete this process in a timely manner:
  • Review the statement for correctness, reviewing any discrepancies with the credit card company by contacting the customer service number on the statement. 1 800 528 2122.
  • Attach all documentation to substantiate charges. Documentation should be in the form of the detailed receipt that itemizes purchases or computer emails or printouts that document purchases.  The receipt that you sign that only shows the total charge is not acceptable.
  • Assign account numbers to the charges. If charges include any meals or business travel, an Expense Report listing the business purpose of the expenses must also be completed.
  • Obtain appropriate approvals:
  1. Supervisor’s signature is always required.
  2. If between $1,000 to $5,000, Divisional Vice President’s signature is required.
  3. If over $5,000, Vice President of Administrative & Financial Services signature is required.
  • Forward to Accounts Payable for payment.
  • Statements missing any information will be returned.

As of January 2001, credit cards are obtained through the services of American Express.  Annual fees are paid by the College and charged to your department.

Direct questions regarding the use of this policy/procedure to the Administrative and Financial Services Division at extension 7277.