revised 1/2009 – Albright College

revised 1/2009

Policy Name:             Request for Use of                              Policy No.:                                    Academic Affairs Van

Effective Date:           July 2006                                            Revised Date: January 1, 2009

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The College has purchased through use of a Grant a 14 passenger van.  The van is under the authority of Academic Affairs.  It is the policy of the College to allow college faculty and administrators use of the Academic Van for college related travel.  Drivers must be a faculty member or administrator, must be at least age 21, must have a Pennsylvania Driver’s license and must have completed Public Safety Training and review of van operation.  A driver from Public Safety can also be requested.  The van will be housed under the LifeSport Center behind locked gates.


To provide transportation for college-related academic travel.


  1. All requests for use of the Academic van must be submitted on the Request for Use of the Academic Affairs Van for Academic Travel.
  2. Van requests must be made by a faculty member or administrator.
  3. Requests must be for at lease five (5) travelers and for no more than 14 travelers.
  4. Requests must be received at least two (2) weeks prior to the requested date of use. After that date, the van may be released for use on campus as a student shuttle being operated by the Office of Public Safety.
  5. Completed requests must be returned to Academic Affairs.
  6. Requests will be honored on a first come, first served basis, with all academic-related requests receiving first priority.
  7. Academic Affairs has the right to approve or decline all applications.
  8. The driver must be a faculty member or administrator. The driver does not need a special class license to operate the van, but must be at least age 21, must have a Pennsylvania Driver’s License and must have completed public safety training for operating college-owned vehicles and review of van operation.  Upon request, the Office of Public Safety may supply trained drivers as available.
  9. The standard per mile rate of the College will be charged to the department using the van. Faculty seeking funding from Academic Affairs to support a class trip must request that funding using the Travel Approval Expense Report (Form A).
  10. Forms can be obtained from the Administrative and Financial Services website, a Department Secretary or Academic Affairs.

Direct questions regarding this policy and/or procedure to Academic Affairs at extension 7643.

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