Effective 1/2020 – Albright College

Effective 1/2020

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Rev. xx.xx.xxx

Policy Name                                       POLICY ON POLICIES

Policy Category                                  Campus-wide Policy

Policy Sub-Category                          Policy approval process

Policy Approved By                           Cabinet

Responsible VP                                  Senior VP for Student and Campus Life/Chief Health Officer and VP for Communications

Responsible Department                   N/A

Responsible AVP or Director             N/A

Original Policy Date                           N/A     

Last Known Revision Date                 N/A

Date of This Policy Review                11/15/2019    

Policy Effective Date                          1/20/2020

Recommended Policy Review Date  12/1/2024

Policy Applies To                                Entire Campus

Additional Authority/References     N/A





☐Tabled or Further Review Needed                                      



Policy Purpose – 75 words maximum  This policy on policies sets processes and standards for developing, reviewing, revising, approving, and disseminating college policies. Accessible, clear policies promote the college’s mission and values, enhance operational efficiency and college governance, and communicate expectations relating to conduct, thereby mitigating institutional risk.

Policy on Policies



  1. Policy – statement of guiding principles and standards that communicates behavioral expectations and requirements related to a given topic. Policies are intended to be long-standing, until next review. The Policy Group will determine an appropriate review schedule.
  2. Campus-wide policy: a policy that has broad application across all Albright College units
  3. Local policy: a policy that applies within a specific division, department, or population. A local policy shall not be in conflict with a College policy unless approved to be more restrictive for a recognized purpose (e.g., specific to a laboratory for safety or to a student group for federal compliance).
  4. Procedure – a statement that prescribes specific actions to be taken to implement approved policy. Procedures should be clear, concise, linked electronically to the policy, and reviewed periodically to ensure consistency with the policy. Procedures should be maintained separately (for ease in updating them), and linked to the related policy.
  5. Policy template – a standard form that must be used to propose a college policy.
  6. Policy Approved By – the highest level of authority required for the policy to be enacted.
  7. Responsible Division Head or VP – the person(s) with primary responsibility for implementing and maintaining the policy.
  8. Responsible Department is the unit under the Responsible VP with direct responsibility for implementing and maintaining the policy.
  9. Responsible AVP or Director is the person in charge of a departmental unit.
  10. Revision Log: A log that should be maintained within the policy that dates revisions, plus provides a general summary of the major change to the policy. Electronic copies of the former version of the policy must be maintained within the unit, department or division.
  11. Responsible Party(ies): Any person or group that oversees the creation, development, and/or implantation of a policy.
  12. Division – one of the currently recognized major divisions of the College, overseen by a VP or Division Head.
  13. Policy Category – the general area of college activity affected by this policy (e.g.: academic, administrative, athletics, communications, data & technology, financial, human resources, research, safety, student life, travel).
  14. Policy Sub-Category – the more specific area of college activity within the policy category.
  15. Recommended Policy Review Date – the date upon which the Responsible AVP or Director should initiate a review of the policy’s efficacy. Generally, this would be on an annual or semi-annual basis, but may be sooner for new policies.
  16. Policy Applies To – one of six groups of college stakeholders: faculty, support staff, administrators, all employees, students, entire campus, contractors, guests and/or vendors.
  17. Additional Authority/References – related policies, local, state and federal laws, or regulations that influence this policy
  18. Expedited approval – direct approval by president or board of trustees when a policy is considered high risk as determined by legal counsel, insurance administrator, the responsible division head, VP and/or the policy group (e.g.: for compliance with state or federal law).



  1. Authority for Policies

Any member of the college community may suggest a policy or policy revision for a local policy to a responsible AVP, Director, Division Head, or VP (with possible consultation with the President); all proposals must be sponsored by one of these responsible parties to move forward.  A responsible party must oversee the development, regular review, and revision of policies in their area of responsibility. The Policy Group will review campus-wide policies, and can provide consultation to responsible parties for local policies.


  1. Format of Policies

All college policies must follow the format specified in the currently approved policy template. Policies should be clear, concise and use bullets and headings as appropriate.


  1. Approval of Policies and Revisions

Division-specific policies may be approved by the division head or vice president, and must be shared with the president for feedback. Campus-wide policies that affect the entire Albright community must be brought by the responsible party to the Policy Group for discussion. The Policy Group will provide guidance on which policies may need review by the insurance administrator or college legal counsel. Based upon this review, edits to the policy will be made by the responsible party. The responsible party, under direction of the Policy Group, will seek review by the president and Cabinet prior to policy implementation.


  1. Location and Access of Policies

Local and campus-wide policies, once approved, shall be stored in the college-wide policy webpage, accessible to all relevant stakeholders in the college community. Policies will be kept current within an organized system. The Policy Group will be responsible for maintaining this system for campus-wide policies. A revision log must be maintained with the policy so that constituents referencing the policy understand what date revisions were made. Historical policies must also be maintained by the appropriate unit, department, or division.


  1. Implementation of Policies (including Training and Communication)

The unit, department or division responsible for the policy shall determine a policy implementation plan (which could include a timeline for the policy communication to campus, and any necessary training essential for the rollout of the policy), before the policy is reviewed by Cabinet. Implementation planning may reveal that revisions in the policy may be needed.


The unit, department or division is responsible for providing any necessary training that may be needed prior to policy implementation. A communication plan will be developed that ensures that all relevant stakeholders are well-informed about the policy and any expected changes to current procedures or activities.


  1. Maintenance and Review of Policies

The unit, department or division responsible for the policy shall determine a regular schedule and process for reviewing policies for effectiveness and current applicability, and publish this schedule in the policy template, typically no longer than three years.



This Policy on Policies shall go into effect across the College on 1/20/20. The vice president for communications shall be responsible for communicating this new approach to policy development and review to all employees. VPs and unit directors are responsible for ensuring that all policies proposed or revised after the effective date will abide by this policy.


Policy Maintained By

Senior VP for Student and Campus Life/Chief Health Officer and VP for Communications


Revision Log

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