effective 11/2018 – Albright College

effective 11/2018

Individualized Study Program

At any time prior to the end of the sophomore year, a student may submit an Individualized Study Program (ISP) proposal to the Curriculum Development Committee (CDC) for a major different from those outlined in the College catalog. The CDC can approve proposals during the junior year for cases of extenuating circumstances that prevented an earlier development of the ISP. The proposal should outline the circumstances for any late submission.  The ISP must provide for completion of the general studies requirements; include at least three academic disciplines; contain at least one 400-level course in each of two different disciplines; consist of 14 courses (five courses in the first discipline, five courses in the second discipline, and four courses in the third discipline); and be clearly superior to standard major requirements in meeting the student’s academic or occupational goals.

The specific courses for each discipline must first be approved by the discipline’s department chair or program coordinator. The entire ISP must be approved by the CDC.

Students interested in developing an ISP should find an adviser familiar with the student’s goals as well as the general areas of study in which the student intends to concentrate. With the help of the adviser, the student will submit the ISP proposal to the CDC. The proposal form for an ISP is available from the Registrar’s office.