effective 11/2018 – Albright College

effective 11/2018

Independent Study Course

Each department provides opportunities for different levels of independent study. The minimal hour requirements are the same as for any other credit-bearing course.

Prior to registration for independent study, a proposal form (available from the Registrar’s Office or website) must be filed by the student by the end of the semester’s add period; the proposal must indicate approval of the appropriate sponsoring instructor and the department chairperson (or a second member of the department when the sponsoring faculty member is the chair). Two courses of independent study may be counted toward degree requirements. Before a final grade can be assigned the student must submit a written report of the work done to the two sponsoring faculty members.

Note: Independent study courses may not be taken to satisfy general studies requirements.

The following may be offered:

Independent Study Topics

Independent course work at this level allows students to pursue specialized interests in a manner different from that of more traditional courses. No superior competence on the part of the student is presumed as a qualification. These courses meet elective credit only and may be taken only once on this level.

Advanced Reading or Laboratory

Independent work at this level is designed to allow the student to improve competence in a major or related area of interest. The instructor will assist the student in developing a bibliography to be attached to the application form. Minimum biweekly meetings may be scheduled. One or two course units may be taken on this level.

Advanced Research

Independent study at this level should be directed toward original topical or problematic research. The standards relating to bibliography, methodology, and interpretation of results should be consistent with the highest professional standards of the subject area. A written report is considered essential, a copy of which should be made available in the department office and in the library. One or two course units may be taken on this level.