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Introductory Period Policy (HR_EMP)

Policy Name                           New Employee Introductory Period

Policy Category                      Employment

Policy Sub-Category              New Employees

Responsible Department       Human Resources

Policy to be Approved By      Cabinet

Responsible VP                      Vice President of Administrative & Financial Services

Responsible AVP or Director Director of Human Resources

Original Policy Date         Last Known Revision Date

Date of Policy Review:        Policy Applies To      

Recommended Policy Review Date              

Additional Authority/References

Policy Purpose

This policy is intended to layout the details of a new employee’s first ninety days.


☐ Approved☐ Rejected

☐ Tabled or Further Review Needed





All new employees serve a minimum introductory period of 90 days and are deemed provisional employees during that time.

The term “provisional employee” refers to all personnel during the introductory period.  This period shall generally extend for 90 days in duration and, during the introductory period, a provisional employee may not be offered progressive counseling.

Reclassifications, transfers, or promotions do not initiate a new introductory period.

Under special circumstances, the introductory period (minimally three months) may be extended with concurrence of the Director of Human Resources and the appropriate Divisional Vice President.

Practices and Procedure

The supervisor shall explain the purpose of the introductory period at the time of the selection process.  The supervisor is expected to provide the individual with a copy of the employee’s job description and explain the supervisor’s expectations regarding performance.

During the prescribed introductory period, the supervisor is encouraged to conduct mentoring sessions with the individual to determine areas needing improvement, offer suggestions and relevant training for improvement and development, assist in solving problems, and commend outstanding performance.

A formal performance review shall be conducted on all new employees at the conclusion of 90 days. This evaluation shall determine whether to extend the employment relationship beyond the introductory period.

Pennsylvania is an employment at will State and employment can be terminated at any time for any reason by the employee or the employer.

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