effective 11/2018 – Albright College

effective 11/2018

Extended Absence from Class with Administrative Notice

As explained in Albright’s “Class Attendance” policy, Albright College considers regular attendance, participation, and interaction with the instructor and other students to be essential components of successful learning in an Albright class. The student is responsible for attending class and for work missed due to absence, and the faculty are not required to make special arrangements for student absences. However, from time to time the Administration may alert faculty to a situation in which a student must miss class for an extended time due to a documented emergent situation, the reasons for which may be confidential. Faculty are encouraged whenever possible to arrange ways in which progress in a class may continue during this period, for example through remote or delayed assignments or testing, or, if necessary at the end of a term, by granting a grade of Incomplete for the course. It is understood that the nature of different courses varies, and the amount of flexibility allowable to a student may differ from class to class to preserve the fundamental learning outcomes of a course.