effective 8/2013 – Albright College

effective 8/2013

PDF iconThe following is an “Excessive Heat” standard for Albright Athletics

For the safety and well being of Albright College Athlete and staff, the following standards are applicable to all athletic activities at Albright College or on its property:

Based on Data supplied by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and the National Weather Service, the following Heat Index Guidelines must be followed:

Heat Index 90 – 94   Extreme Caution Conditions- Altered outdoor activity

Athletic sessions should be moved indoors if possible.  Outdoor exposure should be limited to 90 minutes, with at least a 1 hour recovery time.  Athletes should be provided with an air conditioned area to recover within.

Heat Index 95 or Greater   Dangerous Conditions – Cancelation of outdoor activity

No outdoor activity.  All activity should be held within air conditioned facilities.

The Heat Index should be monitored via internet at weather.com (The Weather Channel) and WFMZ.com (local news).

The Heat Index should be monitored by the athletic training department.

These are minimum guidelines.  Other conditions, including severe weather, may require further modification of schedules or activities.

Adherence to these recommendations and guidelines should be strictly enforced.


Rick Partsch, MS, ATC, LAT
Head Athletic Trainer

Updated 8/13