effective 10/2017 – Albright College

effective 10/2017

Albright College Events & Security Guidelines

Whenever an on-campus event is scheduled, the following procedures will be followed (see page 2 for Athletic Events):

  1. Associate Director Achey will make contact with the person overseeing the anticipated event when he receives the Student Event Security Request.
  2. The person will be required to fill out the Student Event Security Request which is located on the Department of Public Safety page on the Albright website, https://www.albright.edu/student-life/campus-safety/forms/security-event-request/.
  3. AD Achey will inform the Director, when necessary, of any events that require special needs or additional manpower that stretches the resources of the department.
  4. The Associate and Assistant Directors, in conjunction with the Director, will determine if members of the local law enforcement community will be needed.
  5. The Associate Director will schedule additional Officers that may be needed for the event. Over fifty (50) students will require two Officers and may increase, depending on the type of event and whether or not it is open to the general public.
  6. If a scheduled event is going to be held outdoors, the Associate Director will determine if it is appropriate to notify nearby neighbors in and around Albright College.
  7. The Associate Director, in conjunction with the Assistant Director and Director, will evaluate any unusual circumstances or requests by those scheduling an event.
  8. The Associate Director will schedule the required Officers needed for the event in a way that will be equitable for all. Considerations will be given to number of needed hours to provide adequate coverage and the next scheduled shift of each Officer being assigned to the detail.
  9. The Associate Director will determine the appropriate dress for Officers for the scheduled event.
  10. The Associate Director will determine which Officer assigned to the event will be responsible for preparing a written critique at the completion of the event.

On-Campus Student Events Open to the Public

  1. When any student-sponsored events occur in any on-campus buildings, and the event is open to others outside the Albright Community, the event may be subject to further safety protocols, such as use of metal detecting wands, bag checks and ID checks. Other details to factor a decision to implement further protocols will be based upon the nature of the event and number of guests attending. Below is the process for use of metal detecting wands and bag checks.
  • Officers will employ the use of metal detecting wands for all who enter. Outside guests will be required to show a student and/or state ID. No bags, packages, coolers, etc. are permitted under most circumstances.  No beverages will be permitted to be brought into any event. Persons wearing baggie-type clothing and large coats are subject to a pat down to ensure that illegal or inappropriate materials are not being brought into the event.  Male Officers will use discretion when conducting this type of search toward women.
  1. Lighting requests by those sponsoring an event will be taken into consideration. Ultimately, the decision as to the amount of light necessary will be the responsibility of the Public Safety Officers present.  This decision will be predicated upon the need to provide a safe environment for all in attendance.

Off-Campus Events / Trips

  1. Anyone planning an off-campus event or trip is required, for insurance purposes, to provide that information on the previously mentioned Campus Event Request. In most cases, Public Safety Officers are not permitted to work off-campus events.
  2. Attached to the Campus Event Request must be a roster that includes the chaperon(s) for the event/trip, the names of all participants, and a contact name and telephone number to use should an emergency arise. Estimated time of departure and return should also be included on this roster. The request and roster will be maintained within the Public Safety Office for a period of 30 days and then will be destroyed by the Assistant Director.
    Trip Registration Form / Roster
    Transportation Policy

Athletic Events

Whenever an event occurs on campus, the Director or his designee will determine the number of Public Safety Officers to be assigned to the event.  The primary responsibility of the Officer(s) is to ensure that the safety of all who attend is maintained and that nothing occurs that will disrupt the event.

  1. During athletic events occurring in the Bollman Center or Shirk Stadium, all persons entering with packages, bags, purses, etc. are subject to having these items searched.  No one is permitted to enter the Bollman Center with food or drink.  Spectators attending football games are not permitted to take any kind of beverages into the stadium.
  2. During athletic events at other locations on campus, no one is permitted to drink any alcoholic beverages.  This includes all athletic fields where competitions occur.