effective 1/2002 – Albright College

effective 1/2002

Policy Name: Disbursement of Policy Organization Funds Request    No.:Effective Date: January 2002                                                                Revised Date:

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Upon approval of Student Services for an event to take place, it is the policy of the College to disburse funds to student organizations sponsoring College related events based upon monies collected by the student organization and amounts budgeted to the organization.


To provide a form for approval of disbursement of funds to student organizations sponsoring College related events, which have been approved by  Student Services to take place.


When a student organization has had approval to hold an event at the College, the organization representative should complete a Request for Disbursement of Organization Funds to pay the vendor for the event. This form is obtained at the Campus Center Desk.

A copy of the Request form is attached and should be completed as follows:

  1. Indicate how payment is to be made.
    • Cash Advances (amounts under $50) are immediate.
    • Only one cash advance per event is allowed.
    • The Controller’s Office requires ten days to process check advances.
  2. Name of Organization, expense amount and account number to be charged.
  3. Vendor Information and purpose of the event; attach supporting documentation.
  4. Signature of the Organization Officer responsible for the event.
    • It is understood that, if the amount requested is not available in the organization’s account, the amount will be charged directly to the account of the student signing this form.
    • In the case of an SGA account, if funds are not available in the SGA account, it will be taken from the SGA general account.
    • The Organization Officer Signature must be a person other than the one receiving reimbursement, ie an Organization Officer cannot sign for his/her own reimbursement.
  5. Approval signature of advisor.
    • At this point, the form should be submitted to the Campus Center Desk where it is kept in a file for further signatures. SGA President/Treasurer and Student Services Representative will review the file periodically to sign appropriate forms.
  6. Signature of SGA President/Treasurer is required for all SGA events.
  7. Approval signature of Student Services Representative is required for all events.
  8. When the Student Organization Representative sees that the form has all the appropriate signatures and supporting documentation attached (invoices, receipts, contracts, memos), he/she should forward the completed form and attachments to the Controller’s Office for processing.
  9. Copies:
    • The white copy/original with attachments should be sent to the Controller’s office for processing.
    • The Student Organization should keep the yellow copy along with copies of supporting documentation.
    • SGA should keep the pink copy along with copies of supporting documentation.
  10. The Controller’s Office will review, indicate its approval and issue cash or check for payment.
  11. In all cases, payments are tax exempt and Albright’s sales tax identification number 75-07388-0 will be provided to the vendor.

Direct questions regarding this policy/procedure to the Assistant Controller in Accounts Payable at extension 7759.

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