effective 11/2018 – Albright College

effective 11/2018

Departmental Distinction

Seniors with at least a 3.250 cumulative grade point average and at least a 3.500 grade point average in the major may pursue Departmental Distinction. Students are encouraged to discuss this option with a departmental advisor no later than the junior year.

In addition to the grade point requirements, students must successfully complete a senior honors project. The Honors Committee determines the specific policies relating to the senior honors project and publishes them in the Honors Guide. The senior honors project is a yearlong independent research project completed in the spring of the senior year. The same project may be submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for both Departmental Distinction and College Honors. Students who earn Departmental Distinction will receive special recognition at graduation. Students should speak with their department chair or advisor about other requirements specific to each department.