Effective 4/2019 – Albright College

Effective 4/2019

Credit by Examination/CLEP and DSST

Credit for any courses not previously scheduled at Albright may be granted on the basis of the student’s earning a quality grade on a challenge examination prepared and approved by the department involved. Standards on such examinations correspond to those set for students in the courses offered. Preparation for testing may consist of previous study, traditional course work, or student-initiated self-study. A grade of Q is recorded for a successful challenge examination. Students may receive credit for up to seven courses achieved through College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exams. In general, a student must achieve a score of Fifty (50) or above on an exam to receive credit for one course.



Albright Equivalent

American Literature Foundations Humanities
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature Foundations Humanities
College Composition Composition
English Literature Foundations Humanities
Humanities Foundations Humanities
American Government Foundations Social Science
Human Growth & Development Elective
Introduction to Educational Psychology Elective
Introductory Psychology Foundations Social Science
Introductory Sociology Foundations Social Science
Principles of Macroeconomics Foundations Social Science
Principles of Microeconomics Foundations Social Science
Social Science and History Foundations Social Science
US History I: Early Colonizations to 1877 Foundations Humanities
US History II: 1865 to present Foundations Humanities
Western Civ I: Ancient Near East to 1648 Foundations Humanities
Western Civ II: 1648 to Present Foundations Humanities
French, German, or Spanish: Level I* Foreign Language Elementary II (102) Level
French, German, or Spanish: Level II ** Foreign Language Intermediate I (201) Level
Biology Foundations Natural Science
Calculus Foundations Quantitative
Chemistry Foundations Natural Science
College Algebra Foundations Quantitative
College Mathematics Foundations Quantitative
Natural Sciences (non-lab science) Elective
Precalculus Foundations Quantitative
Financial Accounting Foundations Quantitative
Information Systems Elective
Introductory   Business Law Elective
Principles of Management Elective
Principles of Marketing Elective

*The qualifying score for Level I foreign language exams is: French: 50-59, German: 50-58 and Spanish: 50-62. 

**The qualifying score for Level II foreign language exams is: French: 60, German: 59 and Spanish: 63


Students may receive credit for up to seven courses achieved through DSST Exams. Albright follows American Council of Education (ACE) score guidelines for awarding credit for these exams.



Albright Equivalent

A History of the Vietnam War Connections Humanities
Art of the Western World Foundations Fine Arts
Astronomy Elective
Business Ethics & Society Foundations Social Science
Business Mathematics Foundations Quantitative
Computing & Information Technology Elective
Criminal Justice Foundations Social Science
Environment & Humanity: Race to Save Connections Global
Foundations of Education Elective
Fundamentals of College Algebra Foundations Quantitative
Fundamentals of Counseling Elective
Fundamentals of Cyber Security Elective
General Anthropology Foundations Social Science
Health & Human Development Elective
History of the Soviet Union Connections Global Humanities
Human Resource Management Elective
Human/Cultural Geography Foundations Social Science
Intro to Business Elective
Intro to Law Enforcement Elective
Intro to World   Religions Foundations Humanities
Lifespan Development Psychology Elective
Management of Information Systems Elective
Money & Banking Elective
Organizational Behavior Elective
Personal Finance Elective
Principles of Finance Elective
Principles of Physical Science Elective
Principles of Public Speaking Elective
Principles of Statistics Foundations Quantitative
Principles of Supervision Elective
Substance Abuse Elective
Technical Writing Elective
The Civil War & Reconstruction Foundations Humanities