Effective 01/21 – Albright College

Effective 01/21

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Course Retention Policy – LMS

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Digital Learning and Innovation

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Provost and Senior Vice-President of Academic Affairs

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Accreditation – Middle States


To define how long course sites and content will be retained in the College’s Learning Management
System (LMS).



This policy applies to all course sites stored in Albright College’s Learning Management System.



This policy establishes guidelines for Albright College’s retention rules for course sites being stored in Albright College’s Learning Management Systems. This policy is designed to reduce the number of historic courses currently being viewed in the course list view, decrease the amount of storage on the cloud, and adhere to the LMS support policy.

The guiding principles of this policy are:

  • To retain course sites and course content for a period of time which instructors,
    students, staff and administrators find adequate and useful
  • To optimize the performance of the LMS
  • To ensure that storage space is used efficiently
  • To adhere to the LMS support policy

This policy applies to all courses taught in the Undergraduate, Graduate and SPS catalog and sites maintained by staff and other areas of Albright College. The policy refers to all courses automatically generated in the registration system and subsequently populated in the LMS. Additionally, this policy refers to any restored or otherwise manually created added courses by faculty, staff and students. This policy applies to all users of Albright’s learning management system.

Courses will be available to faculty, staff and students on the Learning Management System and in the following framework and as defined by terms in the Albright College Academic Calendar:

  • Courses will be made available to instructors when registration for courses opens in the student registration system
  • Courses will be made available to students 14 days before the course start date (subject to publishing of course by instructor)
  • Courses are available to both instructors and students for 30 days after the beginning of the following semester to account for incompletes. See the Grades of Incomplete Policy for more information

Course sites will be available for faculty within the LMS for a period of seven (7) years from the end date of the term in which they were taught. After that time, the course sites will be archived and removed from the course list. This includes all files, grades, assignments, quizzes, surveys, links, videos and anything else associated with the course site. All other sites will be available indefinitely in the course list.

The archived course sites will remain available. This is consistent with the storage of data in the Information Retention Policy and aligns with accreditation requirements. If during this period a course needs to be restored, the instructor of the course will submit a request to Client Services and every effort will be made to restore the course.


Instructors are also encouraged to create and keep a local archive of their own courses. View the instruction guide on how to export/import your course and grades. The course export does not include student interactions and instructors have to export the gradebook separately. To have archived courses restored, submit a request to Client Services.




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