effective 11/2018 – Albright College

effective 11/2018


Degrees are conferred at graduation dates in May, August and December of the graduation year. Graduates are expected to attend the commencement ceremonies as scheduled, unless excused by the president. Any student completing graduation requirements after the May, August or December graduation dates (but before the next graduation date) will receive, upon request, a letter from the Registrar indicating successful completion of graduation requirements. The diploma will be dated as of the next graduation date.

A student who is in good academic standing who is no more than two courses short of completing his or her graduation requirements may participate in commencement. Such a student will not be recognized for any graduation honors in the commencement program or at the commencement ceremony. Both a student’s overall and major grade point averages must be at least 2.000 for the student to be considered in good academic standing.