effective 6/2018 – Albright College

effective 6/2018

PDF iconPolicy Name                           Photography/Videography

Policy Category                      Communications

Policy Sub-Category              Marketing/Advertising

Responsible Department       Design and Web Services, Communications

Policy to be Approved By      Cabinet

Responsible VP                      Vice President for Communications

Responsible AVP or Director Creative Director

Original Policy Date   2000                                        Last Known Revision Date  12/16/2011

Date of Policy Review: 4/17/2018 & 5/7/2018           Policy Applies To      Entire Campus

Policy Effective Date                                      6/28/2018

Recommended Policy Review Date              6/1/2020

Additional Authority/References                 NA

Policy Purpose

Updated policy on photography and use of external freelance photographers and videographers to better align branding standards and conserve campus resources.


☒ Approved  6-28-18

☐ Rejected                                                                        

☐ Tabled or Further Review Needed                                      


The Communications Division is responsible for managing photographic services and coordinating the production of images used to advance the mission of the College. The Communications team does so through the use of external freelance photographers and videographers, Communications staff, and other authorized personnel. In order to be better stewards of our resources and to maintain branding standards, the following policies and guidelines have been established to provide creative oversight and coordination for all campus photography and videography needs.


As a private college, Albright’s permission is required for any filming or photography on the Albright campus by news professionals, professional or commercial photographers and filmmakers, and campus visitors, faculty, staff or students taking pictures or filming for commercial purposes.

Personal photos may be taken by students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni and other campus visitors so long as: 1) they are used exclusively for personal, non-commercial purposes; 2) they do not interfere with the ongoing operations of the College; and 3) they do not interfere with the planning, set-up or implementation of activities or events at the College.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Albright College reserves the right to prohibit any filming or photography on its campus for any reason, including if the filming or photography creates the potential for: 1) disruption of academic, research, business or student activities; 2) damage to or alteration of college property; 3) inappropriate use of Albright’s name, marks or image; 4) disruption of traffic, parking or pedestrian pathways; 5) other safety hazards; or 6) violations of the College’s privacy policies.


Communications serves as a broker for contracts with freelance photographers, and therefore must be involved prior to an agreement to proceed. Communications maintains a list of approved freelance photographers whose rates vary. These approved vendors meet not only professional standards, but also grant Albright College full ownership of images produced.

All photography produced and delivered by freelance photographers who are paid for their services through Albright accounts must adhere to the process below, with the exception of departments who require significant photography during the course of a year. These departments may hire approved freelance photographers independently with the express written permission of the Communications Division.

TO SCHEDULE a photo shoot, please complete this form approximately two weeks before desired photo shoot: https://admin.albright.edu/pubformmain.php

After your request is received, a member of the Communications team will contact you for a creative consultation. Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Which department is responsible for the photography request?
  • Who is the point person for the request?
  • What is the purpose and audience of the photography?
  • Where and when is the shoot? How long is the photographer needed?
  • Are there specific photos that need to be taken during the shoot?
  • When do the photos need to be delivered?
  • Is there a budget for this request? (Communications is happy to discuss partnering on photography requests that further the mission of the College.)

During the consultation, Communications staff will conduct a needs assessment to determine the type of photographer needed. For certain on-campus events, student photographers may be available. Communications reserves the right to determine what type of photographer is needed based on the complexity of the shoot and availability of photographers.

A Communications team member will confirm time, location and details with both the event organizer and the photographer no less than three days prior to the scheduled shoot.

After all images have been culled and color corrected, the photographer will deliver the photos to the Communications team. Communications will then share a link to the photos with the requesting faculty or staff member.

Question? Contact photography@albright.edu or 610-929-6787.

Accessing College Images
Please contact photography@albright.edu for access to images.

Credit for photography will be given when deemed appropriate for usage.

Faculty/Staff Headshots
Official headshots of faculty and staff used for publicity must be consistent in style, by department and across campus. Headshots are taken outside in good weather with a campus background. To assist our web stewards, photos may be taken by dept. volunteers with guidance from the web manager on cropping, size and style. Headshots can also be taken by Communications staff, third floor, Camp Bldg., as arranged.


In order to better steward our resources and to maintain branding standards, Albright College has policies and procedures regarding video production projects. These are coordinated through the Communications Division, which provides oversight to ensure efficient use of limited resources. This mainly impacts two types of video projects:

  • Marketing/Promotion of College Assets to External Audiences
    All videos which are promotional or related to the College’s branding, and which target external audiences, must adhere to the process detailed below. This includes all videos intended to be shown during any high-profile Albright event.
  • Any Vendor/ Paid Video Production
    All video projects to be recorded and/or edited by videographers who are paid for through Albright accounts must adhere to the process below. The Communications Division serves as a broker for contracts on such projects, and therefore must be involved prior to an agreement to proceed. Failure to follow the process below may result in reimbursements not being approved.

PRIOR TO STARTING a video production (approximately four to six weeks before expected project delivery), please complete this form:  https://admin.albright.edu/pubformmain.php

After your request is received, a member of the Communications team will contact you for a creative consultation. Please be prepared to discuss the following questions:

  • What department is responsible for the project?
  • Who is the point person for the project?
  • What is the purpose of the video?
  • What is the main message and intended audience?
  • Have you allowed for branding constraints?
  • Is editing required and if so, how extensive will editing be?
  • Has a budget been established and approved for this project? If so, what is your budget?
  • Will the shooting be seasonal/repetitive yearly work and, if so, for what duration and at what cost?
  • If in-house, Communications must review the work before release to the public to ensure quality and liability
  • If project is substantial enough, it may require storyboarding or scripting


  • All videos must be closed captioned.
  • All video services paid for by the College are property of the College, and as such, the College should receive a final, complete copy of the work and reserve the right to control its archival home on Albright servers or social media, and when it is released, re-released or archived for historical purposes.
  • The above does NOT apply to short videos recorded for social media events on departmental social channels, but those also, shall not exceed three minutes in length unless educational or instructional.