Effective 01/21 – Albright College

Effective 01/21

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Classroom Recording Policy – LMS

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Digital Learning and Innovation

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Provost and Senior Vice-President of Academic Affairs

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FERPA Guidelines


To ensure privacy of students in recording of classes



This policy applies to all classroom recordings in a face-to-face, hybrid or online learning environment and is subject to the Classroom Recording Policy, effective 11/2018



If you will be recording your classroom sessions, faculty must make sure that your participants are comfortable with being recorded. At minimum, you will want to notify all participants that they will be recorded before you begin recording. The video-conference system will also indicate to all participants when a session is being recorded by adding a “Recording” tag on the top left-hand corner. If a participant is uncomfortable with being recorded, you may want to allow them to turn their video and/or microphone off and encourage them to participate through other means, perhaps using the chat feature.


Once a recording has been made, faculty must take steps to ensure the participants’ privacy if you will be sharing the recorded material. Any recordings of a class session that includes video or audio of students are protected by FERPA and as such cannot be shared with anyone outside of that course section. To further ensure students’ privacy, avoid recording any classes where you anticipate that sensitive information might be shared.


Online synchronous class sessions can be recorded at the discretion of the professor. The purpose of this is to provide access to material for students enrolled in this class who miss the session for some reason, such as an excused absence or an unanticipated problem with internet connectivity. In addition, these recordings can be a resource for all students who would like to review the material of the session.


If you plan to record class sessions, you may want to add language in your syllabus indicating that you will be recording the class sessions and remind students at the beginning of sessions that they are being recorded. See sample language on the Sample Syllabus Statements page.


All recordings will be stored within the LMS and will only be available to view by members of this course. The recordings for the course will be deleted at the end of the course.


This policy will be updated by the Digital Learning and Innovation department.






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