effective 11/2018 – Albright College

effective 11/2018

Class Attendance

Regardless of course format, Albright College considers regular attendance, participation, and interaction with the instructor and other students to be essential components of successful learning in an Albright class. Courses are conducted for the benefit of students, and it is important that students attend regularly and participate in class activities, however attendance and participation are defined by the course instructor. The academic program takes priority over other obligations, whether sponsored by the college or not. The student is responsible for attending class and for work missed due to absence, and the faculty are not required to make special arrangements for student absences. The presence of a qualifying disability accommodation may allow some flexibility on attendance and due dates, but the essential academic integrity of course goals and student learning must be preserved.

Specific attendance requirements vary according to the nature of the instruction and goals of a course. Instructors and academic departments may impose specific attendance requirements, including policies on tardiness; all such policies should be explained in the course syllabus. Faculty members have the right to reduce a student’s final course grade based on his or her attendance as defined for the course in question. Good communication from the student to the faculty about problems related to attendance and meeting deadlines is crucial, and instructors may ask any student to justify absences or missed work, although such justification may not preclude penalties. Each instructor is expected to monitor student attendance; attendance-related records can be important information with regard to potential refunds and withdrawal dates and to settling potential disputes over missed classes or exams and grade penalties.