effective 1/2009 – Albright College

effective 1/2009

Policy Name: Cash Advance Request Policy No.:

Effective Date: January 2009 Revised Date:

Recommended by: Accounts Payable Approved by:

To provide ready cash to those traveling on College business or other approved purposes.

To identify cash needs.

This form must be completed and approved PRIOR to committing to any travel arrangements. The form can be obtained from the Administrative and Financial Services website or your Department Secretary and should be completed as follows:

  1. Name of requester and whether requester is an employee or a student.
  2. Department and phone number of requester.
  3. Date advance is needed and account number to be charged. Note that Accounts Payable needs at least a ten (10) days notice for advances.
  4. Travel Advance
  • Indicate dollar amount being requested.
  • Indicate whether travel is domestic or international and the purpose of travel.
  • Indicate what type of travel will be used and if hotel accommodations will be requested.
  • Outline expenses on which the advance is based.Note that travelers should check the Administrative and Financial Services website to review travel documents that need to be completed. A Waiver of Liability form must be completed for all international travel.
  1. Other Advance
  • Indicate dollar amount being requested.
  • Define purpose of advance.
  1. The following signatures are required:
    1. Employee/Student signature
    2. Department Head
    3. Divisional Vice President
  2. Copies will be distributed by Divisional Vice President as follows:
    1. Original – Controller/Accounts Payable
    2. Copy – Divisional Vice President
    3. Copy – Employee/Student
  3. An Expense Report must be submitted to Accounts Payable reconciling the cash advance. In the case of travel, the Expense Report must be submitted within 20 days following the conclusion of the travel or return to campus, whichever occurs first.

Direct questions regarding the use of this form and/or procedure to your Department Secretary or Divisional Vice President, the Assistant Controller in Accounts Payable at extension 7767 or Administrative and Financial Services at extension 7277.

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