effective 11/2018 – Albright College

effective 11/2018

Academic Standards for Participation in Athletics and Organizations

In order to participate in any Recognized Student Organization (RSO) or intercollegiate athletics team, students must meet minimal academic requirements that are consistent with the academic standing policies of the College. Students must attain the minimum cumulative GPA indicated in the following schedule to participate in RSOs and athletics:

  • 1st Semester, 1st Year: 1.500
  • 2nd Semester, 1st Year: 1.700
  • 1st Semester, Sophomore Year: 1.900
  • 2nd Semester, Sophomore Year: 1.900
  • 1st Semester, Junior Year and all later semesters: 2.000

Failure to achieve the minimum GPA will result in eligibility probation. Eligibility probation means that the student, although eligible to participate, will have one semester to raise his or her GPA to the designated minimum level. If this level is not attained, the student will be ineligible to participate in RSOs and athletics. After a student is ineligible to participate, he or she must attain the designated minimum GPA to regain eligibility.

The Faculty Enrollment Development Committee may declare a student ineligible, with no eligibility probation, if the student’s GPA is significantly below the required level.

Course Completion Requirement

Full-time students must successfully complete six courses each academic year to maintain eligibility to participate in RSOs and athletics. A student who fails to successfully complete six courses during an academic year will be ineligible to participate beginning with the next fall semester. Such a student will regain eligibility when he or she has successfully completed the sixth course.

Experience Requirement

Students must complete the Albright Cultural Experience requirement by the end of the sophomore year to maintain eligibility to participate in RSOs and athletics. Failure to do so will result in eligibility probation under which the student will have one semester to complete the requirement. Failure to complete the Experience requirement during the eligibility probation semester may result in ineligibility.

Special Provisions

Ineligibility to participate in RSOs and athletics will take effect at the beginning of the next semester.

Any executive officer of a RSO (E-Board member) or captain of an athletics team must forfeit that position if placed on eligibility probation. Individual RSOs and teams may set and enforce higher standards for participation. The special conditions described in the section on academic standing also apply to these academic standards for participation in RSOs and athletics.