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Policy Approval Process:
All proposed new policies and changes to existing policies must be submitted to the Policy Group for review. The Policy Group will determine if the policy must be vetted by Albright College’s insurance carrier and/or college legal counsel. The Policy Group may also recommend that certain policies be vetted by faculty representatives or an administrative subgroup. Once reviewed by all applicable parties, those responsible for overseeing the proposed policy will seek review and recommendation of Cabinet. Policies with an institutional impact will be sent to the president and/or the board of trustees for approval. For more information about the policy approval process, please see the Policy Consultation & Approval Guidance Document and the Policy Approval Template. You may also download a policy template and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lens, which serves as a framework for all proposed policies, procedures, programs and decisions at Albright College.


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Prior to 2018 when the Policy Group was formed, Albright had no uniform guidelines, processes, or controls for approving or revising policies that affect the college community. Accessible, clear policies promote the college’s mission and values, enhance operational efficiency and college governance, and communicate expectations relating to conduct, thereby mitigating institutional risk. Discussions between staff and consultants highlighted this deficiency, and subsequent benchmarking provided a number of models.