Phi Delta Sigma Honorary Alumnae Sorority


Current members of Phi Delta Sigma at the 2016 Thanksgiving Tea Event

Her Most Gracious Ladyship (President)
Victoria Sweeney ‘15

Her Ladyship (Vice President)
Victoria Foanio ’14

Chief Lady in Waiting (Secretary)
Helen Anderson ‘13

Lady in Waiting (Pledge Coordinator)
Allison (Fies) Clark '11

Lady of the Exchequer (Treasurer)
Cindy (Ruth) Conway '89

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Honorary Alumnae Sororityof Albright College


The objectives of Phi Delta Sigma are:

  • To promote the social and intellectual welfare of Albright College
  • To promote good fellowship among Alumnae of Albright College

The members of Phi Delta Sigma have an interest in Albright College and all its varied programs, which continues long beyond commencement.

The primary way this is displayed is by supporting the Gingrich Library through endowments and gifts.

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Becoming a Member

Honors senior women who during their years at Albright have endeavored to uphold ideals of character, loyalty, service and scholarship.

Women in good standing and embodying the qualities listed below will receive an invitation at the end of their Junior year to attend the Junior Women's Ice Cream Social to learn more about the sorority and the pledging requirements. 


Prospective pledges embody the following qualities:

  • Good academic standing
  • Active in college, church, and/or community activities
  • Character
  • Dependability
  • Congeniality

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SphinxPhi Delta Sigma Honorary Alumnae Sorority was founded in 1913 on the campus of Old Albright at Myerstown, PA. Five women, Mabel Woodring Eisenberger, Pearl Bowman Gantz, Frances Sampsel Schuler, Ruth Shaffer, and Grace Gobble Willaman, formed this closely knit group, which would bind them together in a spirit of friendship and unity of purpose despite the parting of ways after graduation.

They cherished the ideals of Truth, Virtue, Love, Loyalty, and Chivalry.

Sisters today proudly wear the gold sphinx with the amethyst eyes to keep alive in their hearts the college spirit of their undergraduate days.

Approximately 400 sisters are currently active members. Each spring the Round Robin, a newsletter highlighting interesting aspects of each sister's life, is published.

Members range from Class of 1934 to present and reside all over the world.

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Major Accomplishments & Contributions

1919 - $100 Books for Library

1930 - $371.55 contribution to Albright Building Fund

1934 - $100 new Library receiving desk

1947 - $10 Phi Delta Sigma prize

1957 - $2000 College Centennial Fund, furnish Women's Lounge of Selwyn Hall

1963 - $500 Micro-Card Machine, Library (Sorority's 50th Anniversary)

1971 - $200 Microfilm of Reading Times Junior Award changed to Sophomore

1973 - $500 Library
            $50 Senior Library Assistant in honor of Dr. Raeppel (Sorority's 60th Anniversary)

1974 - $300 Library, purchased Record Players

1975 - $250 Library, defray expenses of portrait of the late Dr. Josephine E. Raeppel

1976 - $300 Library for special Cassette Player
            $500 Pledge over 5 years for Capital Fund (Library addition)

1977 - $500 Library, purchased Cassette Players

1978 - $500 renovate desk area of Library

1983 - $5000 establish Phi Delta Sigma Scholarship

1984 - $300 toward establishing Phi Delta Sigma endowed Library Fund

1988 - $1500 Special gift to Gingrich Library commemorating Sorority's 75th Anniversary, purchased oak display case
            $700 June Wildermuth Memorial Gift, reference desk for Gingrich Library

1993 - 80th Anniversary ($7500 to Library)

1993 - Curio Cabinet in memory of Mim Parker

1994 - $555 for library computerization process in honor of Dr. Gingrich

1995 - Increased endowment for scholarship fund; added $1500

1996 - $555 video and CD collection

1997 - $555 computer document scanner

1998 - 85th Anniversary ($855 networking solution)

1999 - $555 email alcove

2000 - $555 Library gift

2001 - $555 Library gift - study tables and chairs

2001 - $500 Nancy Shuman Scholarship Fund

2002 - $555 Library gift - study tables and chairs

2002 - $1,000 Scholarship Fund

2003 - $555.55 to library

2004 - $2,525.50 to library for our 90th anniversary. 
            $2,133.20 Phi Delta Sigma Scholarship Endowment.

2005 - $555.55 to library to preserve past issues of the Albrightian.

2006 - $555.55 to the Library in 2006 for dvds
            $2,324.50 for Albright's Sesquicentennial to be used for Library furnishings.

2007 - $555.55 to the Library in 2007
            $11,502 Individual Sister Gifts for Library Plaza Project

2008 - $555.55 Library Popular Reading Collection
            $950.00 Library First Floor Renovation (95th Anniversary)

2009 - $950 for DVD collection and digitalization/revitalization of library archives

2010 - $700 in honor of Charlotte Price for materials related to foreign languages

2011 - $555 for study carrels

2012 - $555 to be used as seen fit

2013 - $555 for popular DVD collection

2014 - $10,000 for the Gingrich Library Renovation

2015 - $555 for Gingrich Library Renovation

2016 - $555 for Gingrich Library Renovation

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  Calendar of Events

  • Sunday, November 19, 2017 Annual Thanksgiving Tea, Pushman Cottage 2 p.m.

  • Saturday, February 17, 2018 Meeting (10:30 a.m.) & Luncheon (Noon), Fields by Viva

  • Sunday, April 8 2018 Junior Women's Ice Cream Social, Alumni Hall Faculty Club 2 p.m.

  • Saturday, May 5, 2018 104th Induction & Annual Meeting, Alumni Hall Faculty Club 10 a.m.

Pledges are expected to attend all four scheduled Sorority events and wear their pledge pin at all times. A pledge requirement sheet will be handed out to all new pledges.

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