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Statement from President Lex O. McMillan III


Sept. 30, 2016

Reading, Pa. – The two students most directly involved in the creation and distribution of the video that was widely shared on social media have been suspended pending further investigation and adjudication through the College’s community standards process. They have been advised to leave campus immediately and remain available for communications with College officials.

As we continue to investigate the matter, we have learned that multiple students of multiple races were involved. We will continue to review the facts of the matter so that the most appropriate sanctions for those who took part can be determined.

I have invited the campus community to join me, my cabinet, and the president of the Student Government Association to an open forum today. We hope that by speaking with and listening to each other, we can take the first steps toward learning from this hurtful, offensive act.


Sept. 29, 2016

Reading, Pa. – The College has been made aware of a racially offensive video recorded in a residence hall Tuesday night. It has been widely shared on social media.

We unequivocally condemn the behavior in the video. It is unacceptable by any member of our community and in no way represents the values of Albright. The College celebrates and takes great pride in its diversity. With a freshman class that self-identifies as almost 50% racially or ethnically diverse, and an undergraduate student body that is more than 40% diverse, we were recently recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the most diverse institutions in the country.

The students involved have expressed deep remorse and voluntarily came forward to report their actions. We are evaluating their behavior with respect to the student code of conduct and will determine what disciplinary action is warranted.

I cannot stress strongly enough that Albright College will not tolerate such behavior by any member of the College community. We hope to use this as a learning opportunity to continue educating all members of the campus community and instilling among them the values of respect for and acceptance of all students, faculty members, and staff.