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New York Times-Cited Study, National Survey of Student Engagement Highlight Benefits of an Albright College Education for Both Students and Alumni

Feb. 1, 2017

As reported recently in the New York Times, a new study based on millions of anonymous tax filings and tuition records focused on colleges’ efforts to recruit an economically diverse student body. The researchers also tracked students’ earnings after they graduated, providing an unprecedented look into which schools offer the best chance of upward mobility.

The data support the Economist’s placement of Albright among the top 50 colleges and universities in the nation when it comes to economic value. As the Times noted:

  • Albright graduates are among the highest of all selective private college graduates in income levels at the mid-point of their career.
  • Income levels of Albright graduates are among the highest of all selective private college graduates whether their families’ incomes were high or low when they were students.
  • The percentage of Albright graduates who move up two or more income levels from their time as a student to their mid-career level is among the highest of graduates of Pennsylvania schools AND among the highest of all selective private college graduates.
  • Albright’s share of graduates who moved from the bottom income quintile as students to the top income quintile at their mid-career points is among the highest of all selective private colleges.

 In other words, the return on a student’s investment in an Albright education is strong.

Results from Albright’s most recent administering of the National Survey of Student Engagement may help to explain why the College’s graduates are so successful. According to the NSSE survey data, compared to its peer institutions, Albright does a better job of:

  • Introducing first-year students to new ideas and issues.
  • Providing first-year students and seniors with opportunities to have engaging discussions with individuals from different ethnic and religious backgrounds than their own.
  • Offering seniors collaborative projects to work on.
  • Offering first-year students opportunities to interact with faculty members.
  • Offering first-year students vibrant campus events (arts, athletics, etc.) to attend or participate in.
  • Providing first-year students with information outside their standard course readings.
  • Providing first-year students with feedback that improves their work.

At Albright, your curiosity is rewarded. As you discover new ideas and new people, you discover new things about yourself. And in the process, you develop skills that you’ll use for the rest of your life.