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Publication Timeline

Time guidelines that will help you plan NEW printed projects...
(Revisions to existing projects will take less time. However, if major revisions/changes to a project are needed, please use new project guidelines.)


  • Simple postcards, invitations, posters, flyers, etc. -- 10 working days
  • Two-color programs -- 15 working days
  • Mailers, complex brochures with folds -- 20 working days (10 working days to print)
  • Full-color flyers, full-color postcards -- 15 working days
  • Tri-fold brochures, brochures with multiple panels and folds, full-color programs -- 20 working days
  • Business cards can be ordered online at http://admin.albright.edu in the College Relations section.

Envelopes often need to be special ordered before printing. Availability will vary, as will turn-around time. Please consult with publications staff before estimating turn-around time.

Booklets (2-4 color)*
Pieces with covers requiring bindery, saddle stitching, etc. such as the student handbook and annual reports (printed) -- 40 working days (8 weeks)

Display Pieces
Display pieces that require enlargement and/or mounting -- 10 working days

*Projects requiring foil stamping, die-cuts, special orders of paper, wire-binding, perfect binding, etc. add 10 working days and consult publications staff for planning.

All estimated production time (above) is from receipt of your final copy to delivery of your job by the printer. When you are planning a project that needs to go to the mail house (RTC or printer’s services) and post office, please add a minimum of two additional weeks.


Create Your Publication with College Relations

Step 1:   Concept and Creative

If your project is new, or if you have an old project that needs to be re-worked, the first step in the publication process is to assess what your overall objective is. What do I hope to accomplish? What is the best way to accomplish my goal? What will the project cost? When do I need the piece delivered? Asking these questions and getting input from the creative team is essential to the success of any project.

Please contact Jen Stoudt for a creative consultation at x7511 or jstoudt@albright.edu.

 Step 2:  The Words

Once we have helped you assess your needs, and you have had your concepts and themes approved by the appropriate supervisor(s), the next step is to draft the copy (text). Copy must be finalized before design begins. For assistance with copy writing, or for final editing and proofreading prior to design, please contact Jen Stoudt at x7511 or jstoudt@albright.edu.

Copyediting timeline: Although timelines will vary depending on the complexity of the project, a good rule of thumb to follow is to allow one week for editing, proofing and final approval of your publication copy (text) prior to beginning design. If your project is more extensive, such as a multiple page newsletter, please contact Jen for guidance. 

 Step 3:  The Publication Request – Design and Printing

Final copy (text) and the publication request form:  When you have final copy (which means that your text has been written/edited/proofed and final approvals made), please submit the copy (text), along with a publication request form, to Gina French. You can submit a publication request electronically by going to the Albright College intranet at http://admin.albright.edu/ Your copy (text) can be attached directly to this form.

Please note: If your copy is new or has changed significantly, please send via e-mail to Jen Stoudt for editing/proofing before submitting your official publication request.

Important information regarding publication request forms:

  • It is imperative that publication request forms are filled out completely. Job quantity will determine the way a job is produced, therefore College Relations cannot begin a job without a print quantity and an account number.

  • If an exact print quantity is not known at the time of submission, please use your best estimate. (Please do not write “hundreds” or “thousands.”) The number must be more specific in order for us to provide accurate price quotes.

  • Please take into consideration that the number of pieces printed will affect the cost and turn-around time of the project. If your project is one that has been done before, please check your records for the previous year’s quantity to serve as an estimate. Please contact Gina French at x6787 or gfrench@albright.edu if you need assistance.

Once your request for publication and final copy (text) have been sent, you will work with the designers through the design process. College Relations will proof all publications prior to printing, however final proofing and sign off prior to printing is the responsibility of the client. 

 Step 4: Mailing

Mailing is the responsibility of the client. Because of the large number of jobs mailed by Albright, College Relations cannot make arrangements for mailing. Please note, if a project is going to be mailed, add a minimum of three days for mailing preparation in addition to USPS delivery. If your project is being mailed by your printer, your designer will provide you with contact info for a representative there. Most mailing services require lists to be submitted in an Excel spreadsheet and it is recommended that you review at least 20 mailing addresses from your mail service before approving delivery.  



Photography for Publications

All photography requests – for events and specific publication needs – should be directed to Jen Stoudt at x7511 or jstoudt@albright.edu. Please do not make photography requests to individual photographers.

Jen will assess if a photo shoot is needed, if stock photography currently exists or if a snapshot will suffice. If photos need to be taken, Jen will make arrangements with an appropriate photographer, either freelance or College Relations staff.


Student Organizations

 Policy on doing design/publication work for student organizations: 

College Relations is unable to produce publications for student organizations/events except on an occasional basis. Student organization requests will be considered based on College Relations staff time and institutional priorities. Requests from student organizations must also have a major institutional impact, such as an event that is open to the public or a brochure that will be seen by prospective students and parents. In all cases, the Publications Office is willing to consult with student organizations and provide counsel on other options.


If at any time along the way you feel there is a problem with the publication process,
copy (text), design, printing, etc., please contact Jen Stoudt, x7511, jstoudt@albright.edu.

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