We Remember with Gratitude

WHEREAS, the late, great Nelson Mandela departed this life on December 5, 2013, after having lived 95 years; and 

WHEREAS, Nelson Mandela in his long and complex life’s journey came to embody courage, compassion, love of truth, unwavering commitment to justice, and the spirit of mercy and forgiveness; and

WHEREAS, through his education at the famed University of Fort Hare he was influenced by the same Wesleyan and Methodist heritage that we share at Albright College; and 

WHEREAS, he came to be an embodiment of nonviolence in pursuit of social change; and

WHEREAS, his triumph over cruel repression, 27 years of grinding labor in prison, personal tragedy, and disappointment is an inspiring reminder of the power that single, committed individuals have to change the world; and

WHEREAS, his life is worth thoughtful study and informed reflection; and

WHEREAS, we wish to seek multiple opportunities in the coming months to celebrate and understand the life and times of this remarkable man,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees, upon the recommendation of the Faculty Executive Committee, Student Government Association, and senior administration, does hereby declare the spring term of 2014 at Albright College to be dedicated in grateful memory to Nelson Mandela and heartily endorses all efforts to make this resolution a living and learning opportunity through classes, lectures, service projects, films, performances, athletic competitions, and other events by designating them to the memory of this exemplar of the College’s guiding values of truth and justice.

ADOPTED this 31st day of January 2014, by the Albright College Board of Trustees.