Office of Human Resources


Smoke-free Workplace


Albright College discourages smoking on campus grounds as a matter of good health practices, safety and professional decorum.  The College’s policy on smoking is to define restrictions on smoking in the workplace in order to ensure the safety and well-being of our community.

Practices and Procedures

  1. In the interest of promoting community-wide health and safety, use of smoking materials is prohibited inside campus buildings and on campus grounds, except in designated smoking areas (25 feet from entrance to campus buildings).  Use of smoking materials refers to the lighting and smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes or other similar items. The College requires that those who smoke on campus grounds deposit their cigarette butts in the designated vessels that are situated on campus.  Employees should not discard cigarette butts on the ground, as it serves as litter and detracts from the beauty of the campus.  Failure to discard cigarettes properly will be viewed as a performance issue that will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

  2. Smoking is permitted during nonworking time periods in designated smoking areas.  Designated smoking areas include specific areas outside the buildings.  Smoking materials must be properly disposed of in ash cans provided.  Nonworking time periods include lunch, breaks, or before or after work.  Special “smoke breaks” are not permitted.

  3. The Albright College Smoking Policy also applies to vendors, guests and visitors to our campus.  The individual hosting the visitor is responsible for advising the visitor of the Smoking Policy.

  4. Each supervisor is responsible for enforcing the Smoking Policy in his or her respective area.  Disregard for smoking guidelines should be handled by discussions or warnings as defined in our Disciplinary Policy.

  5. Any questions or disputes arising under this policy shall be referred to the appropriate Vice President and to the Director of Human Resources.