Professional Council

Summer Teaching and Learning Award

Albright College faculty are invited to apply for a new Faculty Teaching and Learning Grant. All full-time faculty who will be continuing at Albright in the following academic year are eligible to apply. The award includes a $2,000 stipend to support time invested in researching, developing, and implementing methods and materials to significantly enhance teaching and student learning in a specific course or courses. These funds can be used for professional development in teaching, to develop a new course, substantially recreate an existing course, or integrate a new pedagogical approach to teaching, representing a significant gain in knowledge for the faculty member, and have an anticipated significant and demonstrable impact on student learning. Projects must be tied to departmental or general education learning goals and a detailed assessment plan must be included (see application materials). Examples include learning and/or introducing new technology, adding an experiential learning component, increasing use of active learning strategies and the like.

In order to be eligible for the award, a faculty member must not have been awarded a Summer Faculty Scholarship, a full Summer ACRE or be teaching more than one course in the summer day program or no more than one course at a time in ADP.


As much as an additional $1,000 may be requested to support related expenses (a conference, publications, etc.).  Faculty grantees would be expected to present their new teaching approach to the faculty once it is developed and implemented.  In addition, grantees are expected to blog about their experiences on the Center for Teaching and Learning website, and present their work to their colleagues the following academic year. This award is designed as a strategic investment in the professional development of Albright's dedicated teaching professors. The number of awards available depends on available funding, with no more than five expected to be awarded in a given year.


  1. Completed application form (MS-Word Document). This should be the cover page of your application. Your application should be submitted in an electronic format (MS Word preferred) and emailed as an attachment to profcouncil@albright.edu with the subject heading “faculty T&L grant application.”
  2. Use of the award in the academic year for which it is awarded.
  3. Presentation of project on campus (e.g., experience event, faculty talk) during the following academic year (arranged by the Professional Council). 
  4. Creation of a blog about experiences associated with the project on the Center for Teaching and Learning website.
  5. A written report to the Provost one month after course is completed. Documents and materials developed during the project as well as assessment results should also be submitted.  These will be featured on the Albright Teaching and Learning website.

Selection Criteria (in order of priority):

  1. Likelihood of the project resulting in a significant teaching and learning impact.
  2. Clear statement of the learning goals for the faculty member, student, and/or course(s), and plan for how such learning goals will be achieved.
  3. A detailed plan for assessing the achievement of these learning goals by completing the following form.
  4. Feasibility of successful completion of the project.
  5. The contribution the project makes to teaching and learning in the field of study as defined in the project description or its usefulness as a model for other faculty, both on campus and within one's discipline. Ideally the proposal will include a plan for wider dissemination of the project outcomes and methods.
  6. Completeness of the application and extent to which if follows specified guidelines.

For up to date deadline information please visit the Deadline webpage.

— Download the Application Form (MS Word Document) —