Meet the Team!

Megan's headshot

Megan – Phonathon Manager

Major: Digital Communications
Activities: ASL Club, Hillel, ASTEP
Hometown: Horsham, PA

Julia P's headshot

Julia P. ’19

Major: Biology and Evolutionary Science
Activities: Alternative Spring Break, Field Hockey Manager, ACES
Hometown: Stillwater

Matthew's headshot

Matthew ’18 – Phonathon Manager

Major: Secondary Education and Math
Activities: AC^2 Executive Board, RA, POP
Hometown: South Sterling, PA

Keasha's headshot

Keasha ’19

Major: Secondary Education and English
Activities: Sigma Kappa
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Lyndsey's headshotLyndsey ’19

Major: Biology
Activities: Cross Country, Track and Field, NOW
Hometown: Brownstown

Caitlin D's headshot

Caitlin D. ’18

Major: Biology on the Pre-Vet Track
Activities: Phi Mu, Big Adventure Domain Club
Hometown: Kearny

Kaitlyn's headshot

Kaitlyn B. ’18

Major: International Business and Fashion Merchandising
Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Peer Mentoring, Fashion Lion
Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

Emily F's headshot

Emily F. ’18

Major: Early Childhood Education and Communications
Activities: Phi Mu, Dance Team, TA
Hometown: Fairless Hills

Jay's headshot

Jay ’18

Major: Business Administration
Activities: RA, AC^2, Alpha Sigma Phi – Brotherhood Development Chair
Hometown: Elizabethtown, PA

Jessica's headshot

Jessica ’19

Major: Communications and Journalism
Activities: Sigma Kappa, Big Adventure Domain Club, Snow Club
Hometown: Linwood, NJ

Steven's headshot

Steven ’19

Major: Environmental Science and Spanish with a minor in Marine and Aquatic Science
Activities: RA, Admission Ambassador, Newspaper Asst. Editor-in-Chief, Yearbook Staff, Biology Teacher’s Assistant
Hometown: Shohola, PA

Josephine's headshot

Josephine ’17

Major: Accounting, Business Administration and French
Activities: African Diaspora, Accounting Club
Hometown: Dakar, Senegal

Emily C's headshot

Emily C. ’17

Major: Communications and Theatre with a minor in Arts Administration
Activities: Hillel – President, Alt. Spring Break – Secretary, Albright Improv Treasurer, Domino Players, Women’s Chorale, Sigma Tau Delta, POP
Hometown: North Brunswick, NJ

Liz's headshot

Liz ’18

Major: International Relations and Public Health
Activities: Alpha Delta Pi, NOW – Treasurer
Hometown: Warminster, PA

Michaela's headshot

Michaela ’18

Major: Theatre and Arts Administration
Activities: Concert Choir, Albright Angels, Domino Players, POP, Cinema Club
Hometown: Manheim, PA

Jiana's headshot

Jiana ’18 – Phonathon Manager

Major: Biology on the Pre-Med track
Activities: Student Ambassador, Yearbook – Treasurer
Hometown: Bushkill, PA

Tyler's headshot

Tyler ’17

Major: Criminology and Business
Activities: Criminal Justice Society
Hometown: Collingdale, PA

Amber's headshot

Amber ’17

Major: Biology on the Pre-Med Track
Activities: Alpha Delta Pi – Vice President of Finance
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Becky's headshot

Becky ’17

Major: Business Administration and Sociology
Activities:  African Diaspora, African American Society, Lion Diplomats, ENACTUS – Project Managers
Hometown:  Orange, NJ

Alexis' headshot

Alexis ’18

Major: Psychology and Sociology
Activities: Caribbean Culture Club, Hillel

Lani's headshotLani ’17 – Phonathon Manager

Major: English and Communications
Activities: Domino Players

Denise's headshot



Gwenievere's headshot

Gwenievere ’17 – Phonathon Manager

Major: Psychology
Activities: Psi Chi, Psychology TA, Domino Players, Chorus, Band, ALC Tutor, Angels, Alpha Phi Omega
Hometown: Bloomsburg, PA

Julia's headshot

Julia B. ’18

Major: Studio Art and Digital Studio Art
Activities: Animal Shelter Volunteer
Hometown: Effort, PA

Justin's headshotJustin ’18

Major: Digital Video Arts
Activities: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cinema Club
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Hunter's headshotHunter ’18

Major: Theatre
Activities: Gamer’s Guild, Domino Player’s, Band
Hometown: Linwood, NJ

Shawn's headshotShawn – Phonathon Manager

Major: Digital Media and Music Business
Activities: Jazz Band, Doctor Who Club, Anime Club, Ultimate Frisbee, Alpha Sigma Phi

Sula's headshotSula ’17

Major: Psychology and Spanish
Activities: RA, Caribbean Culture Club, International Student Association
Hometown: Hamilton, NJ

Amanda's headshotAmanda ’18

Major: International Relations and English with a minor in Women and Gender Studies
Activities: Alpha Delta Pi, Gamer’s Guild, Pre-Law Society, NOW
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA