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Library Initiative

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Library Initiative

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A 21st century college education demands a 21st century library that immerses learning in collaboration, mixes traditional materials with new media, and supplements student initiative with expert support.

The current Library has served students, faculty, and community members since 1964. Since then, the College’s undergraduate population has nearly doubled, resources have changed radically with the rise of audiovisual materials and new media, and studying and learning have evolved to keep pace with technological enhancements and pedagogical modifications.

A new Library will give Albright an inviting and comfortable learning environment designed to bring together students, faculty, skilled professionals, information resources, high-end technology resources and student support services.

Renovations to the Library will be conducted in phases with fundraising attached to each phase:

Phase 1 of the project will include the redesign of the building façade and ensure the building is fully accessible to all community members.

Phase 2 will include renovation of the plaza-level, creating an academic learning commons appropriate for the 21st century. This new commons will integrate resources designed to support the academic success of students at Albright and beyond. It will include our Academic Learning Center’s tutoring services as well as collaborative study spaces, the Writing Center and the Student Accessibility and Advocacy office.

Phases 3 and beyond will focus on the renovation of the upper floors of the Library.