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Today’s students are grateful for so many things that make Albright College their home away from home.

However, what they are most grateful for is YOU! Without your support our students could not shine. Thank you for all you do and continue to do to help light their way.

Funds & Methods of Giving

Ways to Give

There are many ways to support our mission, including donations of money, securities and planned gifts, as well as your time. No matter which method you choose, your gift will directly benefit the students of Albright by providing scholarships, classroom resources, campus facilities, special events, career opportunities and much more.

Gifts by Check

A personal check is a simple way to make a gift. Checks should be made payable to Albright College and mailed to:

Albright College
13th & Bern Street
P.O. Box 15234
Reading, PA 19612

Gifts by Credit Card

Many alumni and friends choose to have their gift charged to a VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express account.  You may make a credit card gift online using our secure online donation form, or call 1-877-427-9756 to speak with the Office of Development.

Gifts by Electronic Transfer

Donations may be made by electronic transfer. To wire cash to the College’s account at Santander, you need the following information:

Wire Routing number:       231372691

Receiving bank name:      Santander Bank, N.A.

Receiving bank account:  7679890951

Name of bank account:     Albright College

Reference:                          (Name of Donor)

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Development at 1-877-427-9756.

Gifts via Securities/Mutual Funds

Thank you for considering a gift of securities in support of Albright College. The College works closely with Charles Schwab & Co. to provide both the College and our donors with the highest level of service. This relationship enables us to record your gifts and put them to work as quickly as possible. The brokerage account and detailed instructions for making gifts of securities are printed below.

We want this process to be as smooth, convenient and obstacle-free as possible. It is important that you or your broker call the Office of Development at 1-877-427-9756 or to inform us of your plan to make a securities or mutual fund gift to the College and indicate if the gift is unrestricted gift or is to be applied to a specific use or purpose.

Albright College Federal Tax ID Number:  23-135-2615

  1. Accounts and Contacts for Electronic Transfer
    All DTC-Eligible Securities:All deliveries MUST identify Albright College as the relevant Schwab client, and the Albright College Schwab account number: 3401-0012 DTC:  #0164 – Code 40
    Donor Name and AddressIn order to promptly and accurately credit a security gift to the appropriate donor, it is essential that the transfer instructions include the donor’s name and address. Without this information, we are occasionally unable to identify the donors of certain securities.
  2. Transfer Instructions
    1. Electronic Transfers:
      If the securities are held by your bank or broker and you are making the transfer electronically via Depository Trust Co. (DTC) system:

      1. Please contact the development office to inform us you are making a transfer by calling 1-877-427-9756 or
        Knowing in advance that you intend to transfer securities minimizes the risk of delay.  In addition, if we are not aware of your intention to provide a gift of securities we may not be able to recognize you as the donor.
      2. Contact your broker and instruct him/her to transfer your gift via the DTC account listed above.
        NOTE:Please be advised that the recorded gift date for electronically transferred securities is based on the date and time it enters the College’s brokerage accounts. This date may or may not be the same day you instructed your broker to make the transfer. As there are several steps and persons involved, transfer times can vary from same day to up to five days. Delays are especially likely during certain periods, such as the end of the calendar year. The value of the gift is determined by the average of the high and the low prices of the security on the date of the gift.
    2. Certificates
      1. By Mail:
        If you hold the securities in certificate form, you may mail the securities and stock powers (one for each stock certificate) in separate envelopes to:
        Charles Schwab & Co.
        Attn: Transfer Accounts
        P.O. Box 52013
        Phoenix, AZ 85072All deliveries MUST identify Albright College as the relevant Schwab client and include the Albright College Schwab account number (3401-0012) and the donor name and address.Please be certain to have your signature(s) on the stock guaranteed by a certified bank officer and complete the section indicating the name of the stock, the number of shares, and the certificate number(s).The value is determined as the average high and low prices on the date of the gift, which is the postmark for documents sent through the U.S. Postal Service, or the date that we received the documents in all other cases. If the certificate and stock power are postmarked with different dates, the later date will be used.
      2. Hand Delivery or Delivered by Other Couriers:
        If the certificate is hand delivered to a member of the Albright College staff or sent by a courier other than the U.S. Postal Service, the value is determined by the average of the high and the low prices on the date of the gift, which is the date the College takes physical possession of either the certificate or the stock power, whichever is later.


Dividend Reinvestment or Closed-End Mutual Funds

All deliveries MUST identify Albright College as the relevant Schwab client and include the Albright College Schwab account number 3401-0012 and the donor name and address.

Issue a certificate for all whole shares, liquidate all fractional shares and discontinue dividend reinvestment.

The Fund for Albright

Through the sustained generosity of those who believe in Albright’s mission, year in and year out, The Fund for Albright provides the College with vital resources to create our dynamic and collaborative learning environment, promote innovative programming, and provide much-needed financial aid for our students.

The Fund for Albright – To discover how your gift to The Fund for Albright can have a specific impact on our students, faculty, and campus, please follow this link for a list of restricted funds.

Classroom Innovation and Technology – Many of our campus classrooms are designed in the old lecture-style model.  These funds would allow teachers more flexibility with active learning environments and provide enhanced ergonomics for the students with new furniture, replacement of carpet, paint, window treatments and lighting.

Scholarships and Financial Aid – Albright has a longstanding commitment to educating students of academic promise.  These funds will enable us to make an Albright education a reality for those students who face financial hurdles or who would most benefit from our programs.

Academic Excellence and Innovation for Faculty Development – These funds support travel and resources for faculty to learn new teaching styles, develop new courses, engage students in scholarly and creative work and more.

Your support of The Fund for Albright brings us ever closer to fulfilling our mission “to inspire and educate the scholar and leader in each student, building on a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences and a commitment to the best of human values, fostering a commitment to a lifetime of service and learning.”

External Grants Assistance for Sponsored Programs

The Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs works with faculty and staff to provide information and assistance in the grant-funding process.

Along with researching funding opportunities, the Director is responsible for monitoring all grant activity as well as ensuring compliance with College and federal regulations for all sponsored programs. The goal of the grants office is to support College initiatives and faculty research and projects.

Helpful Links

If you want to learn about grants or research foundations, here are some of the top places to search:

The Grants Office also has access to a subscription database for researching funding organizations. Please contact the office for website and password.

Step by Step Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to establish a proper flow of communication between external and internal personnel involved in a grant-related project. The procedures are meant to aid you in receiving initial and repeat funding.  Please keep in mind that foundation, government agency and corporation timelines vary.   Although some funders may make their decision within n weeks of submission, others take up to six months to decide.  Please plan your proposal timeline accordingly. If you have any questions, contact Charlene Wysocki,, 610-921-7667.

Contact Charlene Wysocki as soon as you have an idea for external funding. She will then assist with finding appropriate funders and helping you understand the grantor’s guidelines.  Then you can create a draft proposal, including budget, for review by the Grants Director and the Business Office. If your grant is awarded, the Grants Director will work  with you and the Business Office to follow the established system of checks and balances.  This is to ensure all grant protocol is followed correctly and final reports are submitted accurately.  The Principal Investigator, Business Office, and the Grants Director will review the necessary items needed for reporting and acquisitions.  This may be accomplished via email.

The Principal Investigator will receive a restricted fund number from the Business Office for all purchase requests.

The Business Office needs a copy of each requisition concerning the funds used for your project. (Business Office will also maintain a spreadsheet system to track all expenses related to the grant. This allows for easy evaluation of the status of the grant, and will also aid in final reporting).  As the Principal Investigator, you will be responsible for submitting the narratives required by the granting agency. The Grants Director can assist with this process.

If the grant is not funded, the Principal Investigator is encouraged to ask the funder for reviewer comments. The Grants Director will then work with the Principal Investigator on any recommended editing and resubmit the grant proposal either to the same funder or other possibilities.

On Wednesday, September 5, 2018, the Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department announced that payments under state or local tax credit programs such as the EITC and OSTC Programs may be deductible as business expenses. This would provide an opportunity for businesses to work around the $10,000 limit on state and local tax deductions.

“The business expense deduction is available to any business taxpayer, regardless of whether it is doing business as a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation, as long as the payment qualifies as an ordinary and necessary business expense,” said the IRS. “Therefore, businesses generally can still deduct business-related payments in full as a business expense on their federal income tax return.”

Through the EITC program, your financial support will provide low-income and working class children with critical scholarships to the award-winning Albright Early Learning Center (AELC). Your EITC contribution will provide underserved children a vital opportunity to experience the AELC exceptional early education foundation—an opportunity that has the potential to enrich and change the course of their lives.

Businesses large and small can apply for EITC credits through a simple, online process. Applications for businesses began being accepted on July 2, 2018, for fiscal year 2018-19 (July 2, 2018-June 30, 2019) and credits are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. To determine your eligibility, you and your tax professional can access a copy of the guidelines and application at

Businesses can donate to the Albright Early Learning Center (AELC),  through the program and receive tax credits equal to 75 percent of the contribution up to a maximum of $750,000 per taxable year. Tax credits can be increased to 90 percent of the contribution if the business agrees to provide the same amount for two consecutive tax years.

EITC gifts can be mailed to the attention of:

Chris Werner
Gift Processing Coordinator
Albright College
1621 N. 13th Street
Reading, PA 19612-5234

Should you have any questions, please contact Chris Werner at or 610-921-7508.

Planned Giving

Contrary to some common beliefs, we assure you estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy. There are many ways to help pass along assets to family members, often with better results than you initially thought possible, while including your alma mater in the process.

Read More

Matching Gifts

Matching gifts increase the impact of your philanthropy! Please contact Chris Werner, Gift Processing Coordinator, at or (610) 921-7508 for matching gift information and to register your employer as a matching gift company.

Giving Related Videos

A video about the Albright College Annual Fund

“How to Transform a Life”

Advancement Funding Priorities

This initiative will target the renovations of 10 classrooms in Alumni Hall, Center for the Arts, Masters Hall, and Teel Hall. Faculty will be engaged in the decision making process to determine which classrooms have the biggest impact on student learning. 80% of funds raised will be used for immediate transformations, and 20% of funds raised will be placed in an endowed fund to ensure monies are continually available to update learning spaces at Albright.

Please follow this link to read about various ways you can contribute to our Active Learning Classroom Initiative and renovate our outdated learning spaces.

Naming opportunities inside Roessner Hall are another way to help fund our Active Leaning Classroom Initiative. Please follow this link for more information on this project that was one of the first buildings on Albright’s campus to reimagine its classrooms to a high-impact learning model.

Albright has a longstanding commitment to educating students of academic promise. In order to fulfill this commitment, we need look no further than our own backyard for those we espouse to impact. In fact, 18% of Albright’s student population hails from Berks County, and 98% of Albright’s students receive need based financial aid. Establishing 20 new scholarships will provide Berks County students greater access to Albright College.

Please follow this link to discover how you can establish a named or endowed scholarship to give our students the skills and knowledge they need to reach their full potential.

Albright faculty are asked to focus on teaching, advising and mentoring students, collaborate with students on research and other creative work outside the classroom, be involved with students activities, and attend athletic events and various programs on campus. Faculty fellowships are an excellent way to reward and incentive teaching excellence. By establishing 10 faculty fellowships, we will reward our best teacher-scholars and support their professional development.

Your support of this initiative can provide immediate impact or establish a faculty legacy. Please follow this link for more information.

This vital outdoor facility will serve as a home base for our track and field student-athletes. Key features will include an artificial turf field, an eight-lane all-weather track, a fully automated timing system, lighting, a scoreboard, and more. The project will also provide additional playing space for several varsity and club sports. In addition, the new facility will enable area residents to use the track and field for wellness activities through the Schumo Center for Fitness and Well-Being.

Please follow this link for more information on what is included with this facility that will greatly enhance the attractiveness of the college to prospective students.

We Celebrate Our Donors

President’s Council

Albright College truly appreciates the generosity of our most loyal supporters. Alumni, parents and friends who contribute a minimum of $1,000 in a given year, including matching gifts, are recognized as members of The President’s Council, the College’s annual giving recognition society. Through their faithful support, President’s Council members help ensure Albright’s stature as a strong liberal arts institution and play a critical role in the future of the College.

Leadership annual gifts at the President’s Council level create a legacy of Albrightian support for current students as well as future generations. We invite you to join and celebrate in our tradition of giving through your membership in The President’s Council.

President’s Council Donor Recognition Levels

Millennium Society: $1,000 to $2,499
Cornerstone Society: $2,500 to $4,999
Heritage Society: $5,000 to $9,999
Centennial Society: $10,000 to $24,999
Masters Society: $25,000+

Young Alumni President’s Council

Alumni who have graduated in the past ten years are invited to become members of the Young Alumni President’s Council by giving $100 for every year since graduation. Graduates who contribute $100 or more toward the Senior Walkway Legacy Program during their first year following graduation automatically become members for that year.

For more information on President’s Council membership, please contact the Office of Development at 1-877-427-9756 or e-mail Kathleen Sutton, Senior Director of The Fund for Albright, at

1856 Legacy Society

The 1856 Legacy Society, named to commemorate the founding of Albright College, plays an important role in enhancing Albright’s educational mission. The society is made up of Albright alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends who have created planned gifts to benefit the College. Every member has generously agreed to provide the College planned gifts such as charitable bequests, remainder trusts, gift annuities, and life insurance proceeds. Click below for more information or contact Brian Pinto, Assistant Vice President of Major & Planned Giving at or (610) 929-6728 to find out how you can have a permanent effect on our students’ lives.

Read More

J. Warren Klein Society

The J. Warren Klein Society celebrates those individuals whose cumulative lifetime giving to Albright has reached or exceeds $100,000. Their exceptional and ongoing generosity makes a huge impact on Albright through scholarships, improved facilities, and support for the operating budget. These gifts sustain us in the present and enable us to plan for a stronger and brighter future.

Giving Circles & Corresponding Lifetime Giving Amounts

Gold Circle: $1 million and more
Silver Circle: $500,000 to $999,999
Bronze Circle: $100,000 to $499,999

Contact The Advancement Division

Our Mission

The Albright College Advancement Division builds relationships and creates connections by engaging alumni and friends, establishing strategic partnerships, and facilitating opportunities for philanthropic support to connect individuals to the mission of Albright College to further its educational and operational goals.

Christy AgneseChristy Agnese
Vice President for Advancement
Phone: (610) 921-7501

Sheila A. DaDamioSheila A. DaDamio
Director of Advancement Administration
Phone: (610) 921-7501

Brian PintoBrian Pinto
Assistant Vice President of Major and Planned Giving
Phone: (610) 929-6728

S. Andrew BaumbachS. Andrew Baumbach
Major Gifts Officer
Phone: (610) 921-7502

Cheri BorelliCheri Borelli
Prospect Research and Management Assistant
Phone: (610) 921-7653

Jessica L. MorrisJessica L. Morris
Senior Director of Prospect Research and Management
Phone: (610) 921-7552

Kathleen SuttonKathleen A. Sutton
Senior Director of the Fund for Albright
Phone: (610) 929-6608

Ralia C. Vardaxis '87Ralia C. Vardaxis ’87
Assistant Vice President of Alumni and Donor Engagement
Phone: (610) 921-7651

Amanda C. Walck '14Amanda C. Walck ’14
Assistant Director of The Fund for Albright
Phone: (610) 929-6786

Christine WernerChristine Werner
Gift Processing Coordinator
Phone: (610) 921-7508

Charlene WysockiCharlene Wysocki
Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs
Phone: (610) 921-7667