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Why Give?

While attending Albright, alumni, parents and friends’ donations enhanced your college experience by helping cover the every day costs of attending college. As alumni continue to give back to Albright, the school will continue to grow and become stronger, in turn increasing the value of the Albright name and your education (a.k.a. makes your resume look good!). The students are counting on you…now it is your turn!

Where does my money go?

Gifts like yours are the lifeblood of the institution. They make an immediate difference by funding a variety of programs such as scholarships, academic programs, student activities, cultural events, library resources, research initiatives, professional development and much more. The Fund for Albright makes a difference in the lives of today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders.

Do you mean tuition does not cover these educational costs?

Tuition payments do not cover the entire expense of an Albright education. Even for those students who receive no financial aid (only two percent of them), the tuition bill does not equal the cost of a year at Albright. Tuition only covers 66 percent of a student’s total cost. The difference is made up every year by charitable gifts from the College’s alumni, friends, employees, and parents, as well as foundations and corporations.

What about Albright’s endowment?

Part of the income from the endowment is used to defray costs. The endowment is managed very carefully, with a fixed payout rate for current operating costs. The amount of unrestricted income available is not enough to close the gap between tuition and the real cost of an Albright education. This is why The Fund for Albright is so important for the enrichment of the students’ experiences at Albright.

Does my gift make a difference-even if it is a small one?

Every gift is important. The overall program strength comes from the combined gifts from all Albright alumni. We urge those who can support the College to do so at a level that is appropriate for them.

How do I give to Albright?

You can click here to make a gift online, or call 610-921-7500 to make a gift by phone, or mail your gift to: (make checks payable to Albright College)

Albright College Development Office
13th & Bern Streets
P.O. Box 15234
Reading, PA 19612-5234