Expectations and Benefits – Albright College

Expectations and Benefits


As a Phonathon Employee you will be expected to:

Understand and present the College’s need for charitable gifts and promote participation in the Annual Fund.

Be an informed advocate for everything that Albright College is and does.
Paint a picture from your perspective. (i.e. course offerings, recent lectures/field work, social atmosphere, events, or athletic updates.)

Present the College in a positive light.

Serve as a liaison and ambassador between Albright and our constituents (Alumni, Parents, Faculty/Staff, Friends). This means that you will listen to
what prospects have to say, provide positive feedback, answer questions and learn.

Adhere to the employment expectations and performance standards of the Phonathon.


In addition to your hourly wage, bonus points, performance incentives and snacks, a Phonathon Caller will also:

Gain a better understanding of the College, its organizational structure and its financial picture.

Learn and develop valuable communication and negotiation skills, which will be useful in future jobs and situations.

Understand what motivates people to support charitable causes, especially Albright, and how that support helps you.

Interact with alumni, parents and friends who, like you, have a relationship with Albright.

The Phonathon is a very challenging and rewarding experience. While your mettle and spirits will be tested, your efforts support a great cause – Albright College! Don’t get discouraged if you find 10,000 ways something won’t work, you haven’t failed. Because every wrong attempt is just one more step forward…! There is no one perfect way here; we’re just trying to accomplish something. Surprises and let downs can serve as an incentive for great accomplishment!