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Grants & Sponsored Programs

External Grants Assistance for Sponsored Programs

The Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs works with faculty and staff to provide information and assistance in the grant-funding process.

Along with researching funding opportunities, the Director is responsible for monitoring all grant activity as well as ensuring compliance with College and federal regulations for all sponsored programs. The goal of the grants office is to support College initiatives and faculty research and projects.

Helpful Links

If you want to learn about grants or research foundations, here are some of the top places to search:

The Grants Office also has access to a subscription database for researching funding organizations. Please contact the office for website and password.

Step-by-Step Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to establish a proper flow of communication between external and internal personnel involved in a grant-related project. The procedures are meant to aid you in receiving initial and repeat funding.  Please keep in mind that foundation, government agency and corporation timelines vary.   Although some funders may make their decision within weeks of submission, others take up to six months to decide.  Please plan your proposal timeline accordingly. Grant proposals must be submitted to the Grants Director at least two weeks prior to a funding deadline. If you have any questions, contact Ali Lombardo,, 610-921-7667.

Contact Ali Lombardo as soon as you have an idea for external funding. She will then assist with finding appropriate funders and helping you understand the grantor’s guidelines. Next step is to create a draft proposal, including budget, for review by the Grants Director and the Business Office. If your grant is awarded, the Grants Director will work with you and the Business Office to follow the established system of checks and balances. This is to ensure all grant protocol is followed correctly and final reports are submitted accurately. The Principal Investigator, Business Office, and the Grants Director will review the necessary items needed for reporting and acquisitions.

The Principal Investigator will receive a restricted fund number from the Business Office for all purchase requests.

The Business Office needs a copy of each requisition concerning the funds used for your grant award. (Business Office will also maintain a spreadsheet system to track all expenses related to the grant. This allows for easy evaluation of the status of the grant and will also aid in final reporting).  As the Principal Investigator, you will be responsible for submitting the narrative reports required by the granting agency. The Grants Director can assist with this process.

If the grant is not funded, the Principal Investigator is encouraged to ask the funder for reviewer comments. The Grants Director will then work with the Principal Investigator on any recommended editing and resubmit the grant proposal either to the same funder or other possible funders.