Yu "Rachel" Guo, Ph.D. | Albright College

Yu "Rachel" Guo, Ph.D.


Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow
Selwyn Hall 209


As a researcher of sociology, Dr. Guo takes special interest in theories and research related to structure-agency relations and social inequality. As a teacher of sociology, Dr. Guo is passionate about engaging students in empowering themselves and others through scientifically questioning perceived social realities and envisioning a different world. Before joining Albright, Dr. Guo has worked closely with the Teaching and Learning Transformation Center at the University of Maryland and taught classes on Social Problems in the U.S. and on the Sociology of Gender. Since joining Albright, she has been teaching Introduction to Sociology, Social Research Methods, and Social Theory. Dr. Guo is also developing a new course on intersectionality.

Areas of Expertise

sociological theory, social psychology, intersectionality of race, gender, and class, social class and economic inequality, cross-cultural studies

Areas of Research

Collins, Patricia Hill, and Rachel Yu Guo. “Reflections on Class and Social Inequality: Sociology and Intersectionality in Dialogue.” In the Handbook of Classical Sociological Theory, edited by Seth Abrutyn and Omar Lizardo. Springer. (Forthcoming)

Guo, Rachel Yu. 2019. “More Than Just Breadwinners: How Chinese Male Migrant Workers’ Family Relationships Shape Their Factory Labor Process.” Community, Work & Family. DOI: 10.1080/13668803.2019.1700919

Guo, Yu. 2019. “Sexual Double Standards in White and Asian Americans: Ethnicity, Gender, and Culture.” Sexuality & Culture 23(1): 57-95.

Chen, Feinain., Hui Liu, Kriti Vikram, and Yu Guo. 2015. “For Better or for Worse: The Health Implications of Marriage Separation by Migration in Rural China.” Demography 52(4):1321-43.

Courses Taught

Introduction to Sociology
Social Research Methods

Social Thoery