Victor J. Forte, Ph.D. – Albright College

Victor J. Forte, Ph.D.

Victor J. Forte, Ph.D.

Professor of Religious Studies
Chapel Basement

Ph.D.: Religion – Temple University (2005)
M.A.: Religion – Temple University (1999)
M.S.: Environmental Science – Drexel University (1992)
B.A.: Biology – Millersville State University (1980)

Areas of Expertise

  • Buddhist Thought
  • Comparative Ethics
  • Japanese Buddhism and Intellectual History
  • Inter-religious Dialogue

Areas of Research

  • Forthcoming: 2014
    The Eastern Buddhist
    “Seimei, Sei and Inochi (生命と生といのち) A lecture by Ueda Shizuteru”
    Co-translated w/Michiaki Nakano
  • Forthcoming: 2014
    Contributing Author in Japanese Philosophy
    “Saichō: Founding Father of Japanese Buddhism”
    Edited by Gereon Kopf, New York: Springer Press
  • 1/2010 Philosophy East and West
    Featured Review Essay: “Beyond Satori: New Studies of Japanese Religious Experience.”
  • 2009 Contributing Author in Buddhist Roles in Peacemaking: How Buddhism Can Contribute to Sustainable Peace
    “Reflections on the Ethical Meaning of Shinran’s True Entrusting”
    Edited by Chanju Mun, Honolulu: Blue Pine Books
  • 2007 Contributing Author in Mediators and Meditators: Buddhism and Peacemaking
    “Finding Peace in the Simile of the Saw”
    Edited by Chanju Mun, Honolulu: Blue Pine Books
  • 2007 Contributing Author in Deconstruction and the Ethical in Asian Thought
    Chapter 12: “The Ethics of Attainment: The Meaning of the Ethical in Dōgen and Derrida” Edited by Youru Wang, Routledge Press
  • 12/2006 Vera Lex – Journal of Natural Law
    Essay: “Early Buddhist Inclusion of Intentionality in the Laws of Causation”

Recent Student Research Collaborations:

  • Summer 2013: w/Rhiannon Hansing: Genocide Studies
  • Summer 2011: w/Andrea Eiland: Study of Hindu VRAJ Temple in Schuylkill Haven, PA
  • Interim 2009 and Interim 2010: w/Michiaki Nakano: Translation of Works by Ueda Shizutera
  • Interim 2008 and Summer 2008 :w/Amy Defibaugh: Study of American Zen Buddhism
  • Interim 2008 and Summer 2008: w/Danielle Ferri: Film Documentary of American Zen Buddhism

Courses Taught

  • REL 152 Religions of India China and Japan
  • REL 210 Asia on Film
  • REL 256 The Buddha and His Teachings
  • REL 257 Buddhism Across Cultures
  • REL 266 Asian Cultural Life
  • REL 280 Religion and the Environment
  • REL 296 Yoga: Philosophy and Practice
  • REL 278 Death and Dying
  • REL 390 Facing Asian Scriptures