Stephen G. Mech, Ph.D. | Albright College

Stephen G. Mech, Ph.D.

Stephen G. Mech, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology; interim Department Chair until June 2021
Science Building, Room 231

Ph.D., Washington State University (Zoology)
M.S., Washington State University (Statistics)
B.S., Boise State University (Biology)

Areas of Expertise

  • Landscape ecology
  • Mammalogy
  • Population genetics


Areas of Research


  • Pope, B. M., P. K. Kennedy, S. G. Mech, and M. L. Kennedy. 2017. Spatial variation in sexual size dimorphism of the American black bear (Ursus americanus) in eastern North America. The Southwestern Naturalist 62:121-128.
  • Mech, S. G. and A. Chesh. 2014. Effects of roads on movement of displaced white-footed deermice (Peromyscus leucopus). Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 88: 89-94.
  • Storfer, A., S. G. Mech, M. W. Reudink, and K. Lew. 2014. Inbreeding and strong population subdivision in an endangered salamander. Conservation Genetics 15: 137-151.
  • Bolker, B.M., F. de Castro, A. Storfer, S. Mech, E. Harvey and J.P. Collins. 2008. Disease as a selective force precluding widespread cannibalism: A case study of an iridovirus of tiger salamanders, Ambystoma tigrinumEvolutionary Ecology Research 10: 105-128.
  • Storfer, A., M.E. Alfaro, B.J. Ridenhour, J.K. Jancovich, S.G. Mech, M.J. Parris, and J.P. Collins. 2007. Phylogenetic concordance analysis shows an emerging pathogen is novel and endemic. Ecology Letters 10: 1075-1083.
  • Reudink, M.W., S.G. Mech, and R.L. Curry. 2007. Genetic structure of a large breeding population of hybridizing chickadees in southeastern Pennsylvania. Auk 12: 463-478.
  • Reudink, M.W., S G. Mech, and R. L. Curry. 2005. Extra-pair paternity and mate choice in a chickadee hybrid zone. Behavioral Ecology 17: 56-62.
  • Storfer, A, S.G. Mech, J.P. Collins, M.W. Reudink, R.E. Ziemba, and J. Warren. 2004. Evidence for introgression in the endangered tiger salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum stebbinsiCopeia 4: 783-796.
  • Kollars, P.G., M.L. Beck, S.G. Mech, P.K. Kennedy and M.L. Kennedy. 2004. Temporal and spatial genetic variability in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus). Genetica 121: 269-276.
  • Kennedy, M.L., S.G. Mech, B.Tran, J.W. Grubaugh, and C. Lydeard. 2003. An assessment of sexual size dimorphism in the coyote (Canis latrans). Mammalia 67: 411-417.
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  • Mech, S.G., A.S. Dunlap, and J.O. Wolff. 2003. Female prairie voles do not select mating partners based on scent marking or agonistic behavior. Behavioural Processes 61: 101-108.


Recent Student Research Collaborations

  • Ryan Brett ’20: “Regional Differences in ectoparasite density and survivorship and reproduction of Peromyscus leucopus
  • Abbi (Waltz) Brown ’20: “The short and long term effects of anthropogenic habitat disturbance on the geographic range distribution of Terrapene carolina
  • Stephanie Dea ’18: “Effects of ectoparasites on survivorship and reproduction of Peromyscus leucopus” and “Effects of weather patterns on trapping success of Peromyscus leucopus
  • Emily Phillips ’17: “Long-term survivorship of small mammals in a managed forest”
  • Jordyn Sanger ’17, Tiffany Frey ’17, and Stephanie Dea ’18: “Impacts of forest management on small mammals in Nolde Forest”
  • Alyssa Wunsch ’16 and Kayle Smith ’16: “Effects of anthropogenic land use on small mammal populations in Nolde Forest”
  • Sara Parsons ’11 and Marie Zamanis ’13: “Population genetic study of white-footed deer mice in Nolde Forest”
  • Chris Hauer ’12 and Gina Curmaci ’13: “Impact of windmills on small mammal communities”

Courses Taught

BIO152: General Biology II (Systematics, Ecology, and Evolution)

BIO200: Biometry

BIO203: Introduction to Genetics

BIO220: Evolution

BIO246: Conservation Biology

BIO319: Vertebrate Natural History

BIO494: Mammalian Evolution


ESS325: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems


Professional Activities

  • Principle Investigator in the NSF-funded Albright College Environmentally-oriented Scholarship (ACES) program
  • Coordinator of the Albright College Costa Rica Río de Sueños property
  • Co-chair of the Public Education Committee for the American Society of Mammalogists
  • Director at Large for Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences